Project O.W.L.


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Project O.W.L. (Oracle Without Limits) promotes learning outside the box. Come to the Project O.W.L. Zone in the exhibit hall to experience all of these extra learning opportunities:


RAC Attack 2016:

As a system administrator, developer, or DBA this is the perfect workshop to start RMOUG Training Days 2016. In this workshop, you will  install an Oracle RAC 12c cluster using Oracle Virtualbox on your laptop. Oracle ACEs and RAC ATTACK Ninjas will coach you on installation and advanced exercises to help you become more familiar with Oracle RAC 12c.

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Oracle Database Performance Management Best Practices | Hands-on Workshop
Tired of maintaining your old DBA scripts or non-standard third-party tools for tuning the next generation of Oracle databases? Performance problems in production databases getting you down? This hands-on workshop will re-introduce core Oracle Database performance management fundamentals and  guide you on modern methodologies to detect, diagnose, and tune performance problems in Oracle Database Releases 11g and 12c.


Oracle Database 12c In-Memory – Up Close and Personal | Hands-On Workshop
One of the most powerful options in Oracle Database 12c is the Oracle In-Memory option…but you may not have had a chance to actually test drive it or see its deeper functionality. This Hands-On Workshop will give you a view into the In-Memory capabilities and expert recommendations for using this powerful option in your data center.


Oracle Database Cloud Services Free Trial / Installation Walk Through (LIVE COMMUNITY CAST)
Are you ready to get started with your Free Oracle Cloud Services Trial? Join this session to sign up, install and provision your Oracle Cloud Developer environment. You will learn about the Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and how to easily provision a new database in the cloud.


Equipment/Laptop Prerequisites
All sessions require that you bring your own laptop – you’ll use an Oracle VM image, so recommended specification is:
  • Any 64 bit OS that supports Oracle Virtual Box
  • At least 8 GB free RAM
  • 45 GB free HDD space
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Safari 3.0 and higher, or Google Chrome 1.0 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat reader
Here’s What You Need to Do:
Register for RMOUG Training Days 2016.
Then, drop by the Project O.W.L. space to check the schedule, sign up for sessions (limited space-20 participants only!), and say hello to the OTN Community Managers. You can watch the live streaming OTN Community Cast interviews during the exhibit hours if you don’t join a session. Be sure to sign up for a t-shirt.
Follow OTN and Project O.W.L. activities on Twitter:  @OTNDBDEV.

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Oracle Engineered System and Hardware Demo:

Want to get up close and personal with some great Oracle hardware?  You’ll get the chance at Project O.W.L.  Oracle is going to be bringing some of the newest, coolest appliances and engineered systems so you can find out just how cool it really is!

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Oracle Corporation