Scholarship Application

Stan Yellott Scholarship Application

Application deadlines:

  • March 15th for an April scholarship distribution
  • June 15th for a July scholarship distribution
  • September 15th for an October scholarship distribution
  • December 15th for a January scholarship distribution

Women in Technology (WIT) Scholarship Application

Application deadline:

  • December 15th for a January scholarship distribution

Eligibility Requirements:

Registered or the intent to register at an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the United States

Minimum GPA 2.5 from a current official transcript

Currently enrolled in a computer science/information technology class and/or intends to enroll in a computer science the following term

Award notification will be given within 45 days following application deadlines. Upon acceptance of the scholarship, additional information may be required.

Please Download and Print this Stan Yellott and WIT Scholarship Application. Instructions for completing the application can be found on the form. Thank you.