Newsletter Article Guidelines

Important Notes on Submitting an Article for Publication

Do you have an idea for an article? Do you have an
article you wish to have published? We would love to
hear from you!

The deadlines for submitting articles are February 15, May 15,
August 15 and November 15 for the Spring, Summer, Fall
and Winter issues respectively.


Articles may be submitted in Word format or as plain
text. We publish the magazine using InDesign and do our
best to preserve your original formatting.

Please include a short bio about yourself along with a photo
which we may use with the article.


If you wish to submit screen shots or other graphics to
accompany your article, please format as jpeg with a
minimum 300 dpi. We need this high resolution for
the final printed magazine.

If you have other artwork with a different format or
dpi, please contact the Newsletter Editor. We can
usually enhance or reformat in PhotoShop.

Submitting Your Article

Please send your article directly to the Newsletter Director


Once submitted, your article will be sent to our review committee, comprised of selected RMOUG volunteers. The primary purpose of this review is to verify the technical content in the article in order to ensure high standards of technical accuracy for the magazine. Suggestions for readability, grammar, or spelling are a secondary purpose for the committee, as they act as a proxy for readers. If the committee has any questions, comments, or suggestions, these will be noted using the built-in “review” features to MS-Word such as “Track Changes” and “Comments”, and then forwarded back to the author(s) for their response.

Feel free to contact the Newsletter Director at
any time with questions. We look forward to working with you!