RMOUG Minutes 9-14-2006


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on September 14, 2006 at 4:40.m. at Denver, Colorado.

I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:
Bill Schwartzkopf
Peggy King
Jeff Meyer
John Peterson

Conference Call-in
Linda Seley
Tim Gorman


Also in attendance:
Heidi Kuhn
Jon Arnold


A.  Report by Bill Schwartzkopf.
Bill Shwartzkopf reported that Dan Joynton.  Training Days and anything that Chip needs for the non-profit application.

B.  Report by Peggy King
Peggy King reported that she would like all Board members to let her know if there is anything on their calendars that might conflict with RMOUG.  Peggy is still trying to gather goals from a few people for their yearly goals – Linda, Robin, Barbara, and George.  She needs two goals that each person wants to accomplish for this fiscal year.

Officers have signed bank signature cards.  Peggy has almost completed the contact list and will send that out.  She would like to introduce Dan Joynton from Rocky Mountain PeopleSoft Regional Users Group.

Dan Joynton said that PeopleSoft’s RUG is interested in Training Days and also doing joint projects since Oracle now owns PeopleSoft.  PeopleSoft users group has been a good group, but Vicki has been doing most of the work.  Looking at maybe joining our group.  Wanted to introduce himself and get to know us today.  Their next meeting is at the end of this month.  They would like to propose a joint effort to their membership.  It is a no-fee to members, companies will sponsor the meetings.


C.  Report by Linda Seley
Linda Seley reported that she sent out the Treasurer’s report.  Heidi’s deposit should show into checking instead of savings.

The Board would like to have Kirit add a line-item for University Sessions in Chart of Accounts that will include expenses, income, handouts, honorariums, and misc.

D.  Report by John Peterson
John Peterson said that we have had a scholarship in the past.  In the past we have given out $3,000 scholarships a year, divided between different universities in $600 grants.  UNC, MetroState College of Denver, and USC-Pueblo usually respond back.  We talked about giving scholarships to High School students, and giving a scholarship to technical school.  Maybe talk to other High School programs that have technical programs.

John would like to give out five $600 scholarships.  Maybe put an application on the website.  Are previous winners eligible for getting them again?  Let’s set aside $5000

Concentrate on setting the budget.  Then John can go about how he wants to do the logistics of what types of scholarships and amounts to make.  Making contributions to the foundations are different.  Maybe some of the universities that aren’t as large as UNC, USC-Pueblo, and Metro.

Allison Leech might have had an application form to work on to send out to the Universities.  Contact department heads.  John will check with Allison for a draft of the application.  Heidi will check to see what she has for the scholarships.  She will send John the list from past years of who received scholarships.

John can tell the department heads about student discounts.

John reported that his second goal of participation in Training Days is that he will be the point of contact for students attending Training Days.  There will be a 50% discount for TD 07 extended by John.

E.  Report by Tim Gorman
Tim Gorman reported that so far there has been 77 abstracts submitted, 1 withdrawn,and  2 are in process.  He would like to send out an additional e-mail blast.  Heidi will forward to the announcements list server.  Tim is still contemplating e-mail blast for reviewers for the abstracts to help the track coordinators.  Tim doesn’t want to do too many announcements.  He will send reviewers list to track coordinators.  For the University sessions, the 3 person committee has come up with list of proposed speakers, Tim will draft an e-mail to send to presented about honorarium.  There will be a $500 honoraria, with an additional $250 if there are more than 25 participants.  We haven’t decided upon a fee yet.  Tim would like to see what kind of responses we get back, then Tim will check with John Jeunette to see if we can do abstract submissions for the University Sessions through Prairie System’s interface.  Tim will talk to John about how to do it.  Tim doesn’t want just anyone to submit an abstract.  Tim will ask him if there is an additional cost involved.

Jon Arnold said that he went to monthly CLUE meeting, Linux enthusiasts.  Talked to Todd of OTN who is in charge of the Oracle Install Fest groups.  They would be more than happy to do that, if we have a lot then he can justify flying someone out from California 45 people. 20-25 people, he will be there himself.  He will provide all software necessary for however many people we need.  There is not an issue with charging for that, but in the past nobody has shown up.  Oracle would be willing to put forth up to $500 for pizza/treats.  They can’t sponsor because money for pizza comes out a different fund.

Tim expressed concern about the extra charge for electricity per room per day.  Individuals will provide their own laptops.  Oracle paying for pizza would have to be through the convention center prices.  We have unusable rooms, but we might want to try and maximize university sessions.  Maybe make use of the rooms during the conference.  Jon thinks he can get enough people to man the room for all days.  Maybe dedicate one or two rooms for the Installfest – Jon would like to start with one, and if it goes well, then we can do more the next year.  If it’s on-going for the two days, then they would understand the limitation of the room.  Attendees can sign-up for one of 4 four hour shifts in the small room.  If they have a fast laptop, it won’t take the full four hours.  They are not give-aways, so we don’t want anyone just getting the software, but they need to sign-up.  Room ambassadors will be in charge of monitoring.  Go with idea of using 1 small room during the conference for the install-fest so it’s not extra from conference fee.  Saves University sessions for real sessions.

Tim also reported that RMOUG is looking for special interest tracks, and PeopleSoft would be good.  Tim will send Dan Joynton an e-mail for the PeopleSoft group for Training Days.  The deadline for abstract submission is currently Sept 18, but will be extended to September 25 (Monday).  Dan would be happy to help review abstracts from PeopleSoft for TD 2007.

Tim also reported that Kathleen will look at thumb drives.

For Training Days 2007, Peggy has put together a spreadsheet that has YCC’s projections.  Income is $273,000.  211,070, registrations – Exhibitors, sponsorship $6500.  Vendor presentations $2000.  Misc $4000.  University Sessions $7500.  Expenses:  university sessions, handouts, honorariums, snacks = $266,475.  $6,500 net profit.  The Board would like to know what the bottom-line number is about when we have to start chopping budget items.  So far, these are guidelines.  Are there any plans for participant giveaways?  We have a potential sponsor for bags – Clay Baucom with Innovar—George and YCC will contact him.


F.  Report by Jeff Meyer
Jeff Meyer reported that we have a keynote speaker Mike Hichwa, VP of Oracle Tools (thanks to Sue Harper) for Training Days 2007.  He wanted to know much time do we want to give him?  Last year we had 45 Minutes for the keynote.  Jeff will encourage him to participate in a session or participate in an Informal Q&A in addition to the keynote speech.

Jeff felt that it would be good to have one of the smaller rooms set aside for Questions, campground style ie roundtable for Q&A.  This could be an alternate options for using smaller rooms.  Freeman could bring in the couches for rent.  We could schedule speakers in their at different times.  Maybe SoftPro would be interested in sponsoring book signings etc.  Peggy King will work on that with John.  Other two rooms could be for smaller groups like SIG presentations that aren’t big topics.

Jeff Meyer also reported that for the Newsletter he would like to raise the contributor’s stipend of $25 has been around for a long time.  He would like to raise it up to at least $50, if not $75.  $50 for now.  The money can be awarded by either gift certificate or by check.

G.  Report by Barbara Lewis
Barbara Lewis reported that she had a question about the templates for Training Days 2007.  They are put there just to make sure she’s okay with her responsibilities.

Barbara also reported that she is trying to get people together to work on the server installs, but volunteers haven’t been able to get together.  Darl will be the team lead on getting the OS installed and.  They have decided upon using OpenSolaris instead of Linux.  Darl has had experience with Solaris, and he thinks there might be a free download, and Oracle 10g.  Barbara would like to move database from the laptop to one of the servers.  Ron will work on getting membership on the server.  Darl needs to sign-in with Data393 to get paperwork done.

Barbara also reported that she has looked into Chip’s e-mail about SPAM and sent out proposal from Data393.  They have a spam blocker that will run $1.50 per account, about $50 more per month.  The board talked about changing the  names of the accounts.  Is there a way to import/migrate e-mails we already have and change?  Is the fix-it plan stable?  If not, it’s not in our best interest to try and fix things that are broken.  Check to make sure that we have flexibility in case we want to change ISP if we want.  Barbara thinks that each company seems to have their own system that does not transfer when you change companies.  The Board felt that it was in our best interest to pay for Spam blockers for the ones accounts we are currently using, then see how easy it is to add accounts as we need them.

Barbara also reported about disk space, we had 3 environments that were virtually identical – Development, UAT, production.  We only have 10 gig of space, and we’re pretty close to that.  Barbara asked Ron if we needed 3 environments, and felt we could do without UAT.  Barbara thought that rather than paying for additional space, get rid of UAT environment and free up 3 gig of space, and we should be fine.  The volunteers will work in development environment and then move it to production.



A.  The following motion to set $5000 budget for this fiscal year for educational sponsorships for the education director to be disbursed at his recommendation pending Board approval for final disbursement was approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

B.  The following motion to allow that we have the 2007 Training Days budget set of $20,000 beyond the $6500 budget for a safety-net in case we need more was approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

C.  The following motion to raise the contributor’s stipend from $25 to $50 was approved by the majority vote of the Board of Directors.

D.  The following motion to go with DATA 393 MXLogic E-mail Defense for the accounts that are currently in use was approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


IV.   NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on October 17th at 4:30 at Data393, or a location TDB.

There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.


Robin Reed