RMOUG Minutes 6-8-2006






A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on June 8, 2006 at 5:09 p.m. at Englewood, CO  80111.


I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:

Ron Bich

Chip Briggs

Peggy King

Tim Gorman

Allison Leech

George Loewenthal

John Peterson

Bill Schwartzkopf

Linda Seley


Conference Call-in:

Jeff Meyer

Barbara Lewis


Also in attendance:

Heidi Kuhn


  1. II.                ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  The following Officers were Elected:


Name:                          Bill Schwarzkopf

Office:                          President


Name:                          Peggy King

Office:                          Vice President


Name:                          Robin Reed

Office:                          Secretary – Robin Reed


Name:                          Linda Seley

Office:                          Treasurer


Name:                          Ron Bich

Office:                          Director of Member Relations


Name:                          Jeff Meyer

Office:                          Director of Newsletters


Name:                          Allison Leech

Office:                          Director of Programs


Name:                          Tim Gorman

Office:                          Director of Training Days


Name:                          George Loewenthal

Office:                          Director of Vendor Relations


Name:                          Barbara Lewis

Office:                          Director of IS


Name:                          John Peterson

Office:                          Director of Education


Name:                          Chip Briggs

Office:                          Director of Special Interest Groups



  1. III.             REPORTS.


  1.  Report by Peggy King.

Peggy King reported that as the outgoing Training Days Director she has proposed divvying out TD responsibilities across the Board rather than have them funnel to one person for Training Days 2007.  She had a meeting in April to come up with ideas.  Peggy would like to implement them to see how well it works.  The Board agreed to accept the suggestions for the different positions and additional tasks.

  • Vendor Director – We have 2005/2006 TD Vendor Booths.  See if there are other opportunities
  • Treasurer – oversight on the budget.  Peggy has what they sent to us in the past.
  • President – signed contract with Colorado Convention Center, need to sign YCC contract- need to agree to changes – $40 per person, 6% credit card
  • Education Director – involved in reviewing postcards, flyers that are sent out.  High School contact, student discounts—discounts not posted—Stan has sponsored in the past, RMOUG would like to sponsor in the future=Yellott mentoring program—ask Stan
  • SIG Director – marketing to other User Groups
  • IS Director – come up with templates – Tim and Peggy hammer out the templates to pass on to IS
  • Vice President and Membership – Volunteers
  • Programs – Keynotes
  • President – Master of Ceremonies – sign contracts-CCC signed, YCC needs to be signed


Peggy also reported as the outgoing Training Days Director that the Board needs to come up with a timeline and dates that work for the new Director, Tim Gorman.  Peggy gave months that specific tasks need to be accomplished.  Verbiage for the front and back of the brochure need to be reviewed so the postcard can be sent out.  Other Board members need to review timeline to see where their responsibilities may pop up and what they are part of.  The crunch months for TD are September/October for paper selection, and another crunch in January to finalize everything and keep everything on track.  The Board felt that John Jeunette’s program for the software for the paper submission and selection program has worked well and they want to continue using it.  Peggy will send Tim a list of previous speakers that RMOUG would like to extend the speaker invitation to.  Peggy has a box of information for TD to transfer to Tim Gorman.


The Board decided on a mountain theme for the call for papers.  Our goal in the past has been not to make a lot of money, but keep fee structure so the companies can afford to send their employees.  The Board discussed scholarships for the Pine Creek and other high school students; 25 students will be about $2800.  They will check out the Training Days pricing structure at the next meeting.


The Board discussed the room rental for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Can we utilize a hall on Tuesday?  The Board discussed having mini-University or extended seminar sessions that would be a separate cost item.  Some cost increase for the paid event, but should be recouped with the price.  We can charge for the program, or charge a vendor for the timeslot.


Vendor contributions and sponsor fees can be looked at the next meeting, also.  The Board would prefer not to raise price, but will crunch the numbers to see what will happen.


As the Vice President, Peggy wants everyone to look at Calendars and let her know that takes precedence over RMOUG.  We have purchased General Liability Insurance for the year which does not cover Training Days or other special events.  Peggy will contact the agent about what he needs from the Board to finish filling out the paperwork.


  1.  Report by Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis reported that in an effort to get our servers with a provider, she made some cold calls.  She came up with 5 companies that range in price from $95 to $1200 per month to co-locate the servers.  Data393, ViaWest and HostWorks  (Inflow – Sungaard – HostWorks) came highly recommended. Barbara needed to know what she could use to begin a reasonable quote. She has mentioned a possibility of membership and a company logo on RMOUG’s web pages as possibilities. Data393 is interested in a logo on our web pages and CH2M Hill is interested in membership. All of the quotes are for co-location only.


  • Data393 is $350/mo – $450/mo
  • Hostworks $995
  • ViaWest is $895/mo
  • CH2M Hill is $1195/mo
  • A+ Computers is $95/mo


Bill Scwartzkopf suggested that Barbara should tour the facilities to see how they are set up: especially A+ computers, the provider that quoted $95/mo. Barbara agreed to do so. Barbara also discussed that she would take back to all companies the possibility of a corporate membership (up to 12) and a prominent page display in hopes to lower the above quotes.


Barbara also reported that the Oracle subscription for up to 5 people ends in June 06 and support ended November 2005. Software Update & License & Support is $330 and is paid through June 2, 2007 if renewed at the price of $252.25.  Since there is an additional fee for reinstatement for support if not renewed at the end of the recent quote time specified it was decided to renew immediately.


Barbara also reported that the LinuxES subscription with 12/5 support is $799 per year per server, LinuxAS subscription with 24/7 and 1 hour response time is $2499 per server.  She would like to upgrade for Linux on both the servers.  We probably want to go with the $799 per year per server with the reinstatement of the Oracle support for $252.25.  Chip asked about Solaris 10.  The Board didn’t think Oracle defined which OS the license was for.  It was decided to renew Oracle Support, then review options for Red Hat or Solaris.  Chip or Darl can help with the Solaris.  Suse can also be researched.


The Oracle 9i disks are still at Mincom.  Mincom has Red Hat disks too, but there isn’t a version indicated on the disks.  Ron said the version was 2.5 LinuxAS.


Barbara will continue to research Data393 and CH2M Hill for hosting the servers.  She will also get more information about the smaller computer company, A+ Computers.


She also reported that Ron has done a wonderful job of recruiting volunteers.  Three new volunteers from the last Quarterly Meeting, most have database backgrounds.  Andrew did get a job in Sweden.  He is still Unix 01 support, but no big projects.  Hope to get started on getting the members website.


  1.  Report by Chip Briggs.

Chip Briggs reported that we made between 8-10,000 for the year.  He needs to get with Linda to transfer the books.  Quickbooks finished out, then upgrade to current version for Linda.


  1. Report by Jeff Meyer.

Jeff Meyer reported that he is moving forward on the August publication date.


  1.  Report by Bill Schwartzkopf

Bill Schwartzkopf reported that he would like to give his heartfelt thanks for Tim helping Bill with the last meeting.  The last few months have been traumatic at work, but the databases are now moved.  Thanks for all the support.  The Board chose August 25th and November 17th for the Quarterly Educational Workshops.


  1. IV.  MOTIONS.

A.  The following motion to offer a hosting company a corporate membership up to 12 people plus prominent display of their logo on our website was approved by a majority vote of the Directors.


B.  The following motion to authorize Heidi to purchase two (2) sets of Quickbooks, one for Heidi and one for the Treasurer, was approved by a majority vote of the Directors.



  1. V.     NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at the next Quarterly Educational Workshop on August 25th at 7:30 am.


There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.



Other notes:


Next Meeting?  General Liability insurance for June 1 through May 31st.  Peggy will talk with him about


August 25th is next Quarterly Educational Workshop.  November 17th for the next Quarterly Educational Workshop.


Barbara might need a teleconference meeting or e-mail messaging to further discuss this process until a provider is decided on.


Training Days meeting sometime in July?


Motion to Adjourn 7:15 p.m.