RMOUG Minutes 5-18-2001

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on May 18, 2001 at 7:00 a.m. at Golden, Colorado.

I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:

Stanley Yellott
Melinda Hackstaff
Irene Ludwig
Mark Molnar
Debra Addeo
Jon Arnold
Rich Baca
Michael Del Toro
Doug Faughnan
Tim Gorman
Marilee Posavec
Bill Schwartzkopf

Also in attendance:
Heidi Kuhn
Gary Dodge
Jeff Miers
Barbara Lewis
Mike Morneau

The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).

II.  ELECTION OF DIRECTORS.  The following persons were elected as Directors for the terms provided in the bylaws:

Name: Debra Addeo
Term: 1 year

Name: Rich Baca
Term: 1 year
Name: Elizabeth Boss
Term: 1 year
Name: Dan Filkins
Term: 1 year

Name: Tim Gorman
Term: 1 year

Name: Melinda Hackstaff
Term: 1 year

Name: Rick Hata
Term: 1 year

Name: Allison Leech
Term: 1 year

Name: Jenny McGurk
Term: 1 year

Name: Mark Molnar
Term: 1 year

Name: Bill Schwartzkopf
Term: 1 year

Name: Stanley Yellott
Term: 1 year

A.  Report by Debra Addeo.
Debra Addeo reported that there are a couple of Oracle pledges for Training Days 2001 that have not been paid yet.  Gary Dodge will look into them.  The speaker evaluations summary is 80 pages long.  Debra will e-mail them to the board.  The budget was fairly close to estimates.  There is about a $20,000 profit, but that does not include the pledges from Oracle.

The Denver Convention Center has a new person who coordinates our contract, so we are still trying to get the contract signed.  The dates for 2002 have already been set aside.  We are also waiting to sign a contract with YCC.

B.  Report by Irene Ludwig.
Irene Ludwig reported that the checking account looks healthier than she had originally thought.  There were $49,000 in unrecorded deposits.  She would like YCC to be a little better about reporting to the treasurer and bookkeeper.  Barb has questions with YCC over the net income of $31,000 for this year.

So far, there have been $46,000 more deposits than last year, but the expenses were also more.  The income from membership dues were about the same.  The advertising income is lower, the newsletter expenses were about $2000 higher, and we’ve also added $3,500 in scholarships. Postage and delivery were $2000 less because of the bulk rate.  Barb has reclassified the credit card charges fee to Training Days.  We still have not touched the CD.

C.  Report by Tim Gorman.
Tim Gorman reported that RMOUG needs to be out of the Coors Auditorium by 3:30.  He would like to thank Aubrey Whitley and the Coors IT department for sponsoring us at the Coors Brewery’s 6th Floor Auditorium.  It really helps to have a free facility, especially since so much was spent on the November meeting last year.  For May 18th’s general meeting, he has scheduled 1 hour for the General Business session.  Announcements will be made for the elections, scholarships, and authors and speakers’ gifts will be presented.  There are a lot of giveaways for the meeting.  Tim would like Board members to introduce the presenters.  Vendor sponsorships were behind for this meeting.  Boss Consulting sponsored Breakfast and Quest Software sponsored the morning break.

D.  Report by Rich Baca.
Rich Baca reported that almost all the articles for the next newsletter have been edited.  He is still waiting for the President’s message and the IOUG-A article.  Three authors have already committed for the next issue.  Rich has gift certificates ready to give out at the meeting for the authors of newsletter articles.

E.  Report by Michael Del Toro.
Michael Del Toro reported that he and Tim officially turned in a form to get funds from IOUG for the August quarterly meeting.  There is a chance we will get $2,800.  In the past, we haven’t applied because there were other user groups in need, but now Oracle has been a lot of more willing to support the user groups.

The annual Golf Tournament will be held August 17th at the Applewood Golf Course.

F.  Report by Jon Arnold.
Jon Arnold reported that he has spent a lot of time with the responders to the RFP.  Susan Ault with Business Word has been very interested in getting our business.  She would be happy to sit down and talk with anyone about taking over the membership.  There were eight RFP’s sent out and only three responses.  Two companies said that we were not big enough for them.  It was decided to wait on choosing a new company until after the new Board has been elected.  Jon will let the responders know about the delay.  There are currently 1922 RMOUG members.  For today’s meeting there were 245 pre-registered.

G.  Report by Marilee Posavec.
Marilee Posavec reported that she would like to make the University Scholarship recipient announcements at the General Business session. She has two new contacts at Regis and CSU.  She is still looking for a contact at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  She has opened up a University Liaison account at Yahoo and has the duties outlined for the next Board member.

H.  Report by Doug Faughnan.
Doug Faughnan reported that he is in the process of preparing a hand-off package for the next Board member for the next Web chairman.

I.  Report by Bill Schwartzkopf.
Bill Schwartzkopf reported that he had a hard time getting vendors for this meeting.  The newsletter advertising is also light.  He will work on getting contracts and vendor information to Heidi.

J.  Report by Stanley Yellott.
Stanley Yellott reported that Darren Hadley is no longer with Oracle and Gary Dodge has agreed to become the new Oracle Representative.  Stan has a slide show from Training Days that will be going on in the background during the General Business session of the meeting.  He also pointed out that a raise is membership dues cannot be made without prior notice to the members since a lot of companies have already planned their yearly budgets.  Metro State College of Denver is sponsoring us at the Tivoli’s Opera House for the August meeting.  RMOUG has to pay for AV and parking.  Stan is finishing up the RFP for communications that he will put out next month.


A.  The motion to extend Darren Hadley a year of membership to the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.

B.  The motion to extend a year of membership to the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group to all retiring Board Members with individual memberships was adopted by a majority vote of the

C.  The motion to approve Michael Del Toro’s heading up the Golf Tournament with the provision that he will get approval from a board member on any major expenditure was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.

D.  The motion that any expenditure of the organization must be approved by an existing board member was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.

V.  NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on June 19, 2001, at 4:45 p.m., at Agilera

There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned at 8:02 a.m.

Mark Molnar