RMOUG Minutes 12-17-2002






A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on December 17, 2002 at 4:30 p.m. at Englewood, Colorado.


I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:


Stanley Yellott

Jenny McGurk

Ron Bich

Tim Gorman

Rick Hata


Via Teleconference:

Debra Addeo

Diane Ambrose

Rich Baca

Elizabeth Boss


Also in attendance:

Dan Fink

Michael Fons (via teleconference)

Heidi Kuhn

Katharyn Sindt


The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).




A.     Report by Stan Yellott

Stan Yellott reported that Oracle Press has a new service online which allows you to search all Oracle Press Books.  He also reported that he would like the Board Members to do more managing and less minutia.  Once the policies are in place, let the Board Members run with those policies.



B.     Report by Elizabeth Boss and Dan Fink

Elizabeth Boss reported that she has found a Banner to hang in the Exhibit Hall for Training Days 2004.  Shirts for Training Days were discussed as were the Board of Director Shirts.  Elizabeth and Stan will come back to the Board of Directors with suggestions on the Volunteer shirt.  Elizabeth stated that she would like anyone interested in helping with the Taste Test at the Denver Convention Center to e-mail her.  She will then work on getting the dates set.  The Board also asked Elizabeth to make the decision on the conference bag.  She agreed to do so with the prerequisite that nobody complains about her choice.


Dan Fink reported that the preliminary schedule is in the process of being published.  The TD Committee purposely left holes in the schedule for repeat sessions and for high-end speakers.  If anyone expresses an interest in giving a technical presentation, they need to contact Dan and Elizabeth.  Vendor presentations need to be referred to YCC.



C.     Report by Ron Bich

Ron Bich reported that he received the contract from Mincom yesterday.  He hasn’t had a chance to review it yet.  The service fee for Mincom is free, but they would like to put their logo on the website.  To buy the equipment to host the services would cost about $8900 and Mincom charges a financing fee of 8%.  Because the interest rate on the Business Savings account is so low, Jenny felt that our best course of action would be to buy the equipment outright.  Ron also went over the pricing for the Oracle Software and the I-mail software license fees.  Right now, we have not set any time lines for moving forward with signing the contract and purchasing the equipment and software licenses.  A discussion ensued about keeping the front page hosted by Verio with a forward to Mincom’s hosting services and how that would effect the e-mail and other services.  The Board will continue to further review the contract and go over the numbers to present at the Jan 14th Board of Director’s Meeting.


Ron also went over the policies for software to make sure things are proceeding correctly.  Ron will send the policies to the Board and request approval over e-mail.


Heidi expressed concerns about the e-mail updates on the website that automatically brings up e-mail addresses if a correct membership ID is entered.  Stan, Ron, Rich, & Michael will get together and go over what e-mail updates should entail.


D.     Report by Rick Hata

Rick Hata reported that the next Newsletter is almost ready for production.  Heidi will send the mailing information to Laura.  Right now we have ads from TUSC, MODE, Boss Consulting, Quest Software, and IOUG-A.  We really need to build a better process for staying on top of Advertisers.


E.      Report by Jenny McGurk

Jenny McGurk reported that we are now six months into the fiscal year.  She has prepared a budget report with the major categories.  We did not budget for any 2002 Training Days.  We did receive some additional registration money and also received an Oracle Sponsorship check.  For the Quarterly Meetings, we are over budget, but we have completed two of the three meetings.  The additional expenses not on the budget include photo copies for the meetings, food, and office supplies.  We did not receive the IOUG-A Grant, which also hurt the meeting expenses budget.  We also did not have a budget for the Northern Colorado group.  For the newsletter, we are doing okay with the budget because we have completed three issues.  Early realization of membership revenue received before this current fiscal year skews the income.  The bookkeeper projects a loss for this fiscal year.


To attract new members, Diane Ambrose would like to hit the newspapers about an article.  The focus will be on RMOUG with why Training Days is a membership benefit.  Diane will work with Dan Fink on the article.


Jenny also reported that Barb Nadorff is running our information on QuickBooks 99 and will be upgrading it to 2003.  If Jenny has the same version, then she will be able to send files back and forth every month.  The Board agreed that we need to buy a full version of QuickBooks 2003.


F.      Report by Rich Baca

Rich Baca reported that he has sent the Board the new policies regarding Board of Directors and Board Members-At-Large inviting guests to General Meetings for a one-time invitation.


Rich also reported that he will e-mail the Doug Faughnan and IOUG-A award information to the Board so that we can choose recipients soon.






A.  The motion to purchase a Training Days 2004 Banner for $600 was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.


B.  The motion to delegate the T-Shirt color decision for Elizabeth Boss to make for Training Days 2003 was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.


C.  The motion to disassociate the Volunteer Shirts from Training Days and instead purchase the shirts in June and as needed throughout the year for the new Board of Directors and any other committee members as determined by the Board, was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.


D.  The motion to approve the following Policy for Board Members Inviting Guest to General Meetings and the Policy for Board Member at Large Appointments was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.


Policy for Board Members Inviting Guest to General Meetings:

Members of the RMOUG Board of Directors are allowed to invite guest to general meeting for the intent of promoting the user group and recruiting new members.  Guests can also be invited to general meetings per the discretion of each Board member for reasons intended to grow and advance RMOUG.


Policy for Board Member-at-Large Appointments:

The RMOUG Board of Directors is allowed to appoint Board Members-At-Large for the purpose of assisting any Board Member with accomplishing an assigned duty or task.  In order for an RMOUG member to be appointed as a Board Member-At-Large; the member must be an RMOUG member in good standing and a current member of the board must motion at a regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting for the appointment.  The motion should include the reason for the appointment along with an intended timeframe for service.  In order for the appointment to become effective, the board shall approve the motion.


Board Members-At-Large will be invited to participate in Board discussions via Board meetings, sub-committee meetings and the Board list server.  Per the RMOUG by-laws board members-at-large will not have voting privileges.


E.  The motion to allow a Board Member to recognize outstanding volunteers in a manner to be determined by the Board of Directors such as waiving membership fees or giving gift certificates was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.


IV.  NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on January 14, 2003, at 4:30, at Sagelogix.


There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.





Debra Addeo