RMOUG Minutes 11-18-2005






A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on Nov 18th at 7:35 a.m. at Englewood, Colorado.


I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:


Ron Bich

Peggy King

Tim Gorman

Allison Lobato

Bill Schwartzkopf


Also in attendance:

Heidi Kuhn

Gary Dodge

John Jeunette


The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).





A.  Report by Bill Schwartzkopf.

Bill Schwartzkopf reported that without Gary Dodge’s help in securing a location, and Tim Gorman and John King offering to give presentations, all at the last minute, we would not have had a Quarterly Educational Workshop.  They really saved the day.  Bill would like to offer gifts to the presenters.  Heidi has jump drives and SoftPro Gift Certificates available to give out.  For the May Educational Workshop, Bill would like to talk to people at Training Days so everything will be in place.  Bill will also look into getting insurance for our group so we are not reliant upon IOUG’s responses.


Bill also reported that he will introduce the speakers at the day’s Educational Workshop.  We also need sponsors for the meetings and the newsletters.


B.  Report by Peggy King.

Peggy King reported that she has the revised plan for day two at Training Days.  Hopefully it will be clear for the conference brochure.  YCC has Jayne doing registration for Training Days 2006, Gina coordinating the speakers, and Melissa is back for exhibitors/sponsorships.  Wendy has had her baby early and Peggy would like to send a plant or flowers to her when the baby comes home.


The on-line registration is open.  There are 110 Technical sessions, 60 the first day and 50 the second day.  Of the 74 speakers, 66 have confirmed.  There are 7 exhibitors and 1 sponsor with 2 others sponsorships in the works.


RMOUG is still short on volunteers and room ambassadors.  IOUG’s talk to conference will be scheduled as a 30 minute Quick Tip talk to the Users Groups instead of taking away from networking at lunch.  There are currently four users groups:  IOUG, ODTUG, RMOUG, and DAMA.


For confirmations, there will be a notice about there being no changes of lunch tickets.  Any changes will have to be done 72 hours in advance.


Peggy will remind YCC to send information about Training Days with no attachments, no headers, and no graphics so it doesn’t get filtered out as spam.


Peggy also reported on the IOUG Associate Membership and agreement.  We will inform members.  If they are interested, they can get it themselves.  Heidi will include information in the New Member packet and we can add a link and information.


Peggy will also contact David Johnson about a Fusion speech at TD.


The next Training Days planning meeting will be Wednesday, December 13th at a place to be determined.


C.  Report by Allison Lobato.

Allison Lobota reported that with memberships still going down, she would like to get information together for a telephone call to corporate members who have become inactive to find out why.  She would like to get the information organized and stored, possibly on the RMOUG servers.


The board also discussed ways to keep vendors more active.  They talked about having a vendor dinner with the Board.  They talked about SIGS and distributing information to other groups that might lead to sponsorships.


D.  Report by Tim Gorman.

Tim Gorman reported that he has not had a chance to go forward on the non-profit status.  Ron has offered to help.


E.  Report by Ron Bich.

Ron Bich also reported that we are spending less on programs and the advertising income is coming in even though it is down.  John Jeunette also said that the ODTUG conference in June will hold a Clarification Day for J2EE vs. dot.net.  If interested, call YCC or John.



III.   NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on January 17th at 4:30 p.m. at a place to be determined


There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.





Robin Reed