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RMOUG UPDATE is our online magazine (formerly called RMOUG_SQL>UPDATE) published periodically. Our magazine offers our members an incredible variety of technical and functional articles.

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Winter 2021 (Digital)
  • RMOUG Training Days 2021 “Reach for Summit ” – February 8 – 11
  • What’s Coming for Enterprise Blockchain in 2021, Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management
  • Introducing Oracle Database 21c, William Hardie, Vice President
  • Training Days 2021 Spotlight – Articles from some of  Conference Sponsors
    • Platinum Sponsor – DataStax
    • Conference Sponsors – Appsian, Datavail, Rheodata
RMOUG Training Days 2020 Magazine (Digital)
  • Sponsor Spotlight FlashGrid Inc.: "The Sky Is the Limit: Extra-Large Oracle Databases on AWS" - Art Danielov, CTO/CEO FlashGrid Inc.
  • Keynote Presentation: "The Future of Analytics in the Cloud" - Kent Graziano, Snowflake, Inc.
  • Technical Presentation Highlights: Analytics: "What's Your Super-Power? Mine is Machine Learning with Oracle Autonom ous DB" - Jim Czuprynski Cloud: "Transitioning to Amazon Web Services, a DBA's Perspective" - Timothy Mishek Database Administration: "Advanced Oracle SQL Performance Optimiziation using Active SQL Monitor Reports" -Vlado Barun and Girish Anantharaman Emergent: "Blockchain Demystified" - Brian Crowley
  • Guest Presentation - WIT: "The Idea You Don't Have Is the Voice You Haven't Heard" - Terry Hogan, President/CTO National Center for Women & Information Technology
Fall/Winter 2019 (Digital)
  • Training Days 2020 "Widening our Focus"
  • Training Days 2020 Pre-conference Workshops - Tuesday, February 18, 2020
  • Oracle Data Guard New Features 12.2 - Part 2 Charles Kim
  • An Oracle RESTAPI for Data Pump Jeff Smith Master Product Manager, DatabaseTools
  • "Being and RMOUG Member" Elaine Magnuson-Thomas
  • Announcing our scholarship recipients: Fall/Winter 2019 Stan Yellott Scholarship - Justin Finney Spring/Summer 2019 Stan Yellott Scholarship - Audra Martin
Spring/Summer 2019 (Digital)
  • Oracle Data Guard New Features 12.2 Charles Kim
  • What is Mongo DB?
  • Looking Back - Moving Forward - A Review of Training Days 2019 Bryan Wells
  • Low Tech Survey Makes an Impact - Results from Our Survey Training Days Boards Elaine Magnuson-Thomas
Winter 2018-2019 (Digital)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade and Maintenance on Windows Platform Ramakrishnan Ramasubramanian
  • Oracle Looking forwarad to Training Days 2019 so many topics(decisions, decisions...) Elaine Magnuson
  • RMOUG Focus - Osborne's advice? Grab a paddle and enjoy the ride... Jeff Erickson
Winter 2016
  • Oracle DBaas - A Real Cloud - Not Just Vapor John King
  • Implementing Hadoop Successfully - DIY Supercomputing Jeffery Needham
  • SQL*Net Troubleshooting - Where Do You Go After tnsping? Jared Still
  • Associating Compliance Standards - Database Targets Pete Sharman
Summer 2016
  • War of the Nerds - Conflict Resolution Strategies Opal Alapat
  • Precision Guesswork - Subjective Statistics Jason D. Aughenbaugh
  • Recognizing & Overcoming Limitations - AWR/ASH Reports Roger Cornejo
  • UEBS Single Sign On - Overview & Lessons Learned Mark Mestetskiy
  • Template Options - APEX Power Option Jorge Rimblas
  • Cloud ERP & Legacy Systems - SOA Suite 12 Integration Divya Shampur
Spring 2016
  • RMAN in 12c - The Next Generation - Part II Rene Antunez
  • A Tale of A Not Starting Database - How Hard Can It Be? Alex Fatkulin
  • MySQL Performance Tuning - Pinpoint Bottlenecks Janis Griffin
  • Using SQL With Essbase Part 2 - Extracting Data Glenn Schwartzberg
  • RMOUG Training Days - An Attendee’s Perspective Dara Tallmadge
  • Enterprise Manager 13c - A Few New Features Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
Winter 2015
  • Explaining Temporary Tables - The Generation of Redo and Undo Darl Kuhn
  • Lessons From The Bicycle - Everything Means Something Jonathan Gennick
  • A Guide To Improving Performance - Without Upgrading Your Hardware Vlado Barun & Graham Wood
  • Using SQL WIth Essbase - Introduction & Loading Data Glenn Schwartzberg
  • Understanding Threat Analysis - Who’s At Risk? Peter Carter
Fall 2015 Cannell-Table A1 – APEX 5 Interactive Report Upgrade CSS Cheat Sheet
  • RMAN in 12c - The Next Generation Rene Antunez
  • APEX Interactive Reports Deep Dive - Part 2: New Features and Upgrade Advice Karen Cannell
  • Oracle BI Development - Making the Case for Adopting Agile and Continuous Integration Kevin McGinley
  • Database Triggers - How To Disable for a Single Session Tom Peters
  • Raspberry Pi - A Roll of the Dice Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
Summer 2015
  • APEX 5 Interactive Reports - Deep Dive Karen Cannell
  • The Challenges of Hyperion Support - Part 3: Process and Workflow The Bean Consulting Group
  • NoSQL Database Technology - Document-Oriented Robert T. Mason
  • Compassion for Self & Others - A Crucial Skill Megan Feldman Bettencourt
  • E-Business Suite 12.2 - Online Patching Sumeet Kabra
Spring 2015
  • The Challenges of Hyperion Support - Part 2: Smart View and User Support Chris Chase
  • Oracle Virtual Box Jump Start - A Short Installation Manual George Laframboise
  • Upgrade Oracle Golden Gate - 11.x/12.1.x to 12.1.x Bobby Curtis
  • How and Why to Use an ASH Report - ASH Architecture Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
Winter 2014
  • ADF: On-Ramp - What You Need To Know To Use ADF Peter Koletzke
  • Planned Outages? No Thank You! - Edition Based Redefinition in 12c John Jay King
  • All About Oracle Auditing - How To Use The Audit Trail Mike Dean
  • Systemically Avoiding Deadlocks - Achieve Superior Performance Mark W. Farnham
Fall 2014
  • Creating Oracle 12c Databases - Jump Start George Laframboise
  • Real Life Recovery - Perspective, Preparation & Performance Daniel W. Fink
  • Social Media - What Image Do You Want To Present? Kellyn Pot'Vin
  • NoSQL Explained - For the Oracle Professional Iggy Fernandez
Summer 2014
  • Migrating Critical Business Applications Successfully from Microsoft (MS) Access, Oracle Forms or other legacy platforms to Oracle Application Express (APEX)  - What Works, What Doesn’t, Lessons Learned Karen Cannell
  • The Challenges of Hyperion Support - Part 1: Metadata Management - Governance is the Key Chris Chase
  • Oracle Golden Gate - How Many Ways To Monitor Bobby Curtis
Spring 2014
  • Capacity Planning - EM12c Maaz Anjum
  • Regular Expressions - It's A Love-Hate Relationship Danny Bryant
  • Edition-Based Redefiniition - Testing App Upgrades Without Being Live Melanie Caffrey
  • Optimizing ASO Cubes - A Personal Case Study Sarah Zumbrum
Winter 2013
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast! - Culture Defined Faun deHenry
  • Oracle SQL Developer - How We Decide What's Next Jeff Smith
  • Oracle 12c - Multitenant Architecture Jump Start George Laframboise
  • SQL Health Check - How It Can Save Your Day Carlos Sierra & Mauro Pagano

Fall 2013
  • Golden Gate & Oracle Integrator - A Perfect Match Michael Rainey
  • Exposing the Myths - Managing Multimedia in Oracle Marcelle Kratochvil
  • Querying Metrics Data - OEM 12c Management Repository Views Suzanne Strasser
  • Five Ways to Make Data Modeling Fun - Try These Games! Kent Graziano
  • OBIEE Tips & Techniques Dan Hotka

Summer 2013
  • An Average Article - A Lot More To Statistics Jonathan Gennick
  • Can We Simplify The Process of SQL Tuning? - SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) To The Rescue Stelios Charalambides and Carlos Sierra
  • Slicing Tables With Interval Partitioning Stefan Zielinski
  • Application Development With Oracle - Advanced Queuing Jeffrey Jacobs
  • Human Reliability - Learning Lessons The Hard Way Michael S. Abbey
  • OBIEE Tips & Techniques Dan Hotka

Spring 2013
  • Don’t Store Images In A Transactional Database Carol Mitchell
  • Integrating Oracle & Hadoop - When The Relational Database Is Not Enough Gwen Shapira
  • RMOUG 2013 - The Conference Director Perspective Kellyn Pot’Vin
  • Essbase - 1992 To 2012 Edward Roske
  • OBIEE Tips & Techniques Dan Hotka

Winter 2012
  • Creating Oracle ADF 11g Bounded Task Flow Train - A Tutorial Julie Johnson
  • Oracle Password Store - Never Have Passwords in Scripts Again Mike Messina
  • Oracle Heterogeneous Services - An Introduction Steve Wales
  • Semi-Joins & [Anti-Joins] - Do We Use [NOT] IN, or [NOT] EXISTS? Gary J. Propeck

Fall 2012
  • Predictive Change Management - A Proactive and Adaptive Approach Monish Sharma
  • Central Repository - Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Mike Messina
  • APEX Security - Login Security Dan Hotka
  • Shortest Isn’t Always Fastest - Inserts, Deletes & Updates Tim Gorman

Summer 2012
  • Leverage Oracle AQ - To Design Event Driven Applications Mike Garcia
  • Oracle WLS Application Security - Implementing the Superstition in JDeveloper Peter Koletzke & Duncan Mills
  • Agile Data Warehousing - With Exadata and OBIEE Stewart Bryson

Spring 2012
  • Apex 4, LDAP & Active Directory - Integrating The Technologies Debra Addeo
  • Putting On The Flash! - Using Oracle Smart Flash Cache Michael Ault
  • Preventing The Seven User Behaviors - That Most Impact Data Warehousing Performance Kevin Courtney

Winter 2011
  • How Do You “Make It Faster”? Tom Kyte
  • Inheritance in Oracle - Exploring The Descendents Saurabh Gupta
  • MySQL For Oracle DBAs - An Introduction Kellyn Pot’Vin

Fall 2011
  • Leveraging Oracle External Tables - Using SQL*Plus For Flat Files Darl Kuhn
  • Using SQL Tuning Sets - Plan Stability For An 11gR2 Upgrade Edward Whalen
  • SQL In Enterprise Analytics - Enhanced SQL Processes Nanci Kelly
  • PL/Scope - Collect Information at Compile Time Dan Hotka

Summer 2011
  • Making Plans With Oracle 11g - And Not Leaving Them Behind Jed Walker
  • Oracle’s Write Consistency - Side Effects for Applications Ruslan Dautkhanov
  • The Essential Cloud Integration Checklist Jordan Braunstein
  • IT Investment Management Bill Wimsatt
  • A Change for Oracle 11g - Case Sensitive Passwords! Dan Hotka
  • IT Isn’t Dead - How To Make Your CEO Happy Jordan Braunstein

Spring 2011
  • Oracle Forms to ADF 11 - Forms Future Ernst Renner, Robert Nocera & Christopher Coy
  • Who is More Important? - The Manager or the Business Analyst Tiffany Dahlbert
  • Introduction to Data Vault Modeling - Super Charge Your Data Warehouse Kent Graziano

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