How good was Training Days 2017?

March 8, 2017 by
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Everyone enjoys feedback.  Especially positive feedback, but negative feedback is helpful too.

During the Training Days conferences, we are constantly seeking immediate feedback about individual sessions.  Thanks to everybody for filling out those pesky yellow session evaluation forms!  You’ll be glad to know that the responses have already been summarized and emailed to the presenters, and (good or bad) this feedback is very valuable to them.  Huge thanks and kudos to TeamYCC for getting this done so quickly!

After the Training Days conferences, we also email a survey to all attendees, vendors, sponsors, and speakers seeking feedback about the conference as well.  What worked?  What didn’t work?  What should be improved?  What do you want to see next year?  All of this is extremely valuable in our planning for future conferences, and thank you again for your valuable feedback!

But what is really special is unsolicited feedback in the form of blog posts and videos from speakers and attendees!  Here are a few to share…

In addition, Connor published a video announcing his keynote at Training Days 2017 back in January, prior to the conference, which is definitely worth sharing and enjoying here too…

Having completed its 28th consecutive year, the RMOUG Training Days 2017 conference proved to have amazing content, rivaling or exceeding that of any other conference anywhere in the world.

Thanks so much again to the generosity and sheer enthusiasm of our speakers, to the generosity and dedication of our volunteers, the thoroughness and professionalism of TeamYCC, and above to the support and love from the members of RMOUG.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements about the date and location of the Training Days 2018 conference!


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