Fall Quarterly Educational Workshop 2014

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Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group

November 21, 2014
Quarterly Educational Workshop
Oracle DTC Campus
7700 Technology Way,
Denver, CO 80237

Registration and ID Required.
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7:30am –   8:00am            Continental Breakfast
8:00am –   8:15am            Meeting Kickoff
8:30am –   9:30am            EPM Maestro: Making HFM Administration So Easy a Monkey
Could Do it
9:45am – 10:30am            Freeing DevOps with Data Virtualization
10:45am – 12:00pm           Oracle and the Future of Enterprise Management
12:00pm –  1:00pm            Lunch


8:30am – 9:30am
EPM Meastro: Making HFM Administration So Easy a Monkey Could Do IT
Teresa Kress, Hyperion System Manager, Summit Materials

EPM Maestro: Making HFM Administration So Easy a Monkey Could Do It
Bogged down by the routine tasks that come along with administering your HFM environment? Don’t have enough time on your hands to get everything done? How about an extra pair of hands? Look no further than EPM Maestro! Attend this session to learn how the Hyperion Team at Summit Materials are utilizing EPM Maestro to automate all things HFM. From automatic consolidations to scheduled data syncs, come see how EPM Maestro can be your extra pair of hands for day-to-day HFM administration.

Speaker Bio: Teresa Kress – Hyperion System Manager, Summit Materials

After graduating UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Finance and Accounting, I started my career working in financial consolidations and reporting in the mid-90s.  I worked for a Fortune 500 global manufacturer who utilized Micro Control (the DOS-based version of what is now HFM!).  In my 10 years with them I implemented 4 Hyperion Enterprise applications, HAL and numerous Essbase cubes while working my way through various financial analyst roles including an expat stint in France.  For the next 7 years I independently consulted at various U.S. based companies helping with HFM, FDM and Financial Reporting implementations.  After 7 years of traveling and consulting, I took an HFM Administrator job with Summit Materials, a heavy-materials and construction company headquartered in Denver.  I am currently the Hyperion Systems Manager at Summit Materials and oversee the team that supports HFM, FDM, Hyperion Planning and various 3rd party tools including EPM Maestro and Accelatis.

Freeing DevOps with Data Virtualization, Tim Gorman, Delphix

Abstract: Software development is caught in a squeeze. Application development, software maintenance, and good testing relies on copies or “clones” of production software and data. However, production environments keep getting larger and larger, meaning that the downstream “clones” either need to be larger and larger as well, or something has to be done to whittle it down to a “subset”. DevOps teams either have to buy more storage to accommodate larger copies, or they have to somehow acquire the software and techniques to “subset” to make the copies smaller, which is itself very tricky.

At the same time, businesses are demanding that the turnaround time for maintenance fixes and newly-developed code become smaller, and the concepts of agile development and continuous integration demand that fully developed and test code be pushed “live” not in years or months, but in weeks, days, and even hours.

So DevOps teams are forced to deal with bigger objects, and also deal with them faster, using fewer people and the same old infrastructure. It is almost as if magic is needed to extricate us from between this rock and a hard place.

Data virtualization using thin-provisioning technology is a solution. Products such as Oracle’s DBaaS SnapClone and Delphix will be discussed, both of which provide a solution to this dilemma, realizing the full promise of virtualization. Learn how these technologies work, and learn the use cases where they can be employed effectively.

What attendees can expect to learn:

1.What are the constraints DevOps face obstructing agile development and continuous integration?
2.How does thin-provisioning of storage (a.k.a. data virtualization) resolve the problem?
3.What are the most common use-cases for data virtualization in everyday DevOps?

Bio: Tim Gorman has worked in IT with relational databases since 1984, as an Oracle application developer since 1990, as an Oracle DBA since 1993, and managing/designing very large data warehouses on Oracle since 1994.  Mr Gorman is a technical consultant for Delphix (http://Delphix.com/) who enable data virtualization to increase the agility of IT development and testing. He is currently secretary of the board of directors of the Oracle Developer Tools Users Group (http://odtug.com/) and an advisor to the board of the Northern California Oracle Users Group (http://NoCOUG.org/) and the Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group (http://NEOOUG.org).  Mr Gorman is past president of the Rocky Mtn Oracle Users Group (http://RMOUG.org/) and an advisor to Project SafeGuard (http://PSGHelps.org/) which provides legal advice to victims of domestic violence.

Oracle and the Future of Enterprise Management
Rich Niemiec, Rolta
Rich Niemiec
This presentation will focus on Oracle direction including 12c New Features (including In-Memory Database), Engineered Systems, Big Data and IOT (Internet of Things), and the Future. We will look at 12c new features like the In-memory Database, Pluggable Databases, Multiple indexes on the same Column, and Other 12c New Features. Topics will also include a Big Data Overview, GFS and MapReduce early days, Hadoop, HDFS, and MapReduce in Open Source, NoSQL Databases, The Oracle Big Data Solution, Oracle Hadoop Data Loader and IOT.  We’ll also look at the Exadata hardware paradigm shift and some of the Oracle hardware advantages.

Speaker Bio: Rich Niemiec is a world renowned Oracle Expert and President of Rolta’s Consulting Practice. Rich is an Oracle Ace Director and was a co-founder and the CEO of TUSC, a Chicago-based systems integrator of Oracle-based business solutions started in 1988. Rich currently serves as an Executive Advisor to Rolta International Board of Directors and has served as President of Rolta TUSC and Rolta EICT. TUSC was the Oracle Partner of the Year in 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 (Rolta TUSC), & 2011 (Rolta). Rolta is an international market leader in IT-based geospatial solutions, and caters to industries as diverse as infrastructure, telecom, electric, airports, defense, homeland security, urban development, town planning and environmental protection. Rich is the past President of the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and the current President of the Midwest Oracle Users Group (MOUG). Rich is one of six originally honored worldwide Oracle Certified Masters. In 2012, he authored the #1 Oracle bestseller “Oracle11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques,” an update of his previous 3 Oracle best sellers on Oracle8i, Oracle9i, and Oracle10g Performance Tuning. Rich was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 1998.

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