QEW 2012 Presentation Summaries and Papers

August 17th, 2012 Presentations

APEX Admin and Install Tips and Techniques

Dan Hotka, Author/Instructor/Oracle ACE Director

This presentation discussed various installation and administrative tasks associated with the Application Express 4.1 (APEX) Oracle web-based development environment.  Dan discussed new APEX 4.1 features as well as using SQL Developer to aid in the administration and deployment of APEX applications.


How ASH Works and How to Use it

John Bereniewicz and Graham Wood, ORACLE Corporation    

 “Active Session History” (ASH) is a rich historical record sampled from activity within the database at the level of individual sessions, capturing such important information as timestamp, user identity, the name of server from which the session was connected, the SQL statement executing, the PL/SQL module from which the SQL was executing, and the event and event parameters upon which the session was waiting.  ASH is a snapshot of what is happening in the database, captured automatically for later diagnosis.

Studies included ranged from simple to complex.

Download presentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF – 1227 Kb

Download Example Report of  IO Event Latencies: ASH vs EVENT_HISTOGRAM in XML– 2 Kb

Download Example Query of using ASH event-count algorithm to estimate recent IO event  latencies from ASH– 2 Kb