Training Days 2016


RMOUG Training Days – February 9-11, 2016


  • Two full days of training with a bonus half-day of 30-minute tech tips and two-hour deep-dive sessions
  • More than 100 technical sessions with new tracks
  • Full exhibition
  • 2 ACE lunches
  • WIT Panel
  • Project O.W.L. – Sponsored by OTN

RMOUG Training Days is Oracle Without Limits (O.W.L.), meaning technical sessions in all areas that interact with database technologies. This event showcases the latest in Oracle and other technologies and techniques, and attracts well-known speakers from around the world. Packed with sessions from the most in-demand topics, Training Days has something for everyone, from novice to expert. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for Wednesday and Thursday are included in the conference fee. With all this annual event offers, it is one of the best training values available.

Welcome to Denver

Denver is an old city, founded in 1858 and named for Kansas Territorial Governor James Denver. The city’s first permanent structure was a saloon that served residents of this old frontier mining town, and beer is still big business. Today Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation, with over 200 different types of beer brewed daily.

What’s an old mining town without an old curse? Be sure to ask the locals about the iconic “Blue Mustang” sculpture near the Denver International Airport. Locals call the horse Blucifer, Satan’s Steed, and Blue Stallion of Death and it is said to be cursed. Its sculptor, Luis Jimenez, died in a freak accident when a piece of the 9,000-pound sculpture fell on his leg and severed an artery.

Denver might be an old city, but it has always been on the cutting edge of music and entertainment. Led Zeplin played its first show in America at the Denver Auditorium Arena on December 26, 1968.

Denver is called Mile-High City because it’s elevation is exactly one mile above sea level as measured on a spot on the 13th step on the west side of Colorado’s Capital building. Being a mile high leaves you prone to altitude sickness, so take it easy your first day in the city. Being a mile high has some distinct advantages, though.

RMOUG Training Days might improve your golf game. Golf balls travel an average of 10% farther in Denver’s rarified air!  Denver has only 18% oxygen in the air. That is 3% less than the air at sea level. You might want to take it easy tasting those 200 Denver-brewed beers. For some people the effects of alcohol are magnified at high altitudes.

When you are not improving your golf game or sampling the local brew, check out some of the great day trips and weekend adventures Denver has to offer.

  • The highest paved road in North America is near Denver! You can drive up Mount Evans, no hiking boots required. The peak at the top is 14,260-foot above sea level!
  • Central City, the Richest Square Mile on earth is located about 45 minutes west of Denver. Nearly half a billion dollars of gold has been mined there mined since its pioneer beginnings.
  • How about something to get a little mud on your boots? The Colorado Trail is a 500-mile-long hiking trail, stretching from Durango to Denver. It crosses eight mountain ranges, seven national forests, six wilderness areas, and five river systems.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Denver and your experience at RMOUG Training Days 2016. We’ve gone the extra mile to build a program filled excellent content in a great city.