RAC Attack


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One of the best ways to learn new technology is with hands-on experience. During this workshop, you will have an opportunity to set up Oracle 12c Real Application Cluster environment on your laptop, go through advanced RAC-related setup scenarios, or work together with other technical geeks on solving RAC-related challenges. Experienced RAC Attack volunteers (ninjas) will help you address any related issues and guide you through the setup process.

RAC Attack isn’t just about RAC. During the workshop, you learn how to set up one of the most complex infrastructures on your laptop. You learn how to configure and clone virtual machines, create and set up internal and external virtual networks, create different storage types, set up a local DNS server, and other challenging components. After this workshop, you will have enough knowledge to set up a test/sandbox environment for virtually any product.

To take part in the workshop, participants need to bring their own laptop. Recommended specification:

a) Any 64-bit OS that supports Oracle Virtual Box

b) 8GB RAM, 45GB free HDD space

To save time, it is recommended that you pre-download Oracle Database 12c and Grid Infrastructure for Linux x86-64 from the https://edelivery.oracle.com/ website (Part Numbers V38500-01 and V38501-01).

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