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RMOUG has a block of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Denver, just steps from the Convention Center. We have a special event rate of $179/night, which includes complimentary Internet access at the hotel.

Please make your reservations by CLICKING HERE to take advantage of the group rate.



Light Rail

There are three main steps to get from Denver International Airport to your downtown Denver hotel.

  1. Go to the light rail terminal at the airport
  2. Ride the A train to Union Station in downtown Denver
  3. Go from Union Station to your hotel

Connect to the light rail upon arriving at DIA

  • The light rail terminal is at the south end of the main terminal (where baggage claim is located), beneath the newly-opened Westin Hotel
  • When you arrive in the main terminal, follow the signs for the Westin Hotel and the Transit Center
  • For more information about the A line, click HERE for the main Denver-RTD (Rapid Transit District) webpage
    • Click HERE for a map of the main terminal with directions to get to the train station
    • Click HERE for the A line schedule for the trains (every 15 minutes)
    • Click HERE for fare information

Ride the A train to Union Station

Once you’ve gathered your bags and hopped on the A line, sit back and relax during the 30-minute ride to Union Station. No need to worry about where to disembark, as you’ll be politely encouraged to exit the train when you reach your destination.  

Go from Union Station to your hotel or the convention center

There are several options to get from Union Station to your hotel or the convention center.

  • Downtown Denver isn’t very large, so it takes no more than 20-25 minutes to walk from one end of downtown to the other, if you’re so inclined and the weather is pleasant.
  • There are taxis, Uber, and Lyft.
  • There is a free shuttle bus running frequently and quickly up and down the central 16th St. Mall.
  • Get onto the Free 16th St. Mall Ride at Union Station:
      • Take the stairs, escalator, or elevator down to the bus platforms.
      • Follow signs for the Free 16th St. Shuttle to the far end of the underground bus concourse.
      • At the far end of the underground bus concourse, take the stairs, escalator, or elevator back up to the surface, emerging at the Free 16th St. Mall Ride which arrives and departs every few minutes.
      • The official webpage for the Free 16th St. Mall Ride is online HERE.

Most hotels in downtown Denver are less than 1-2 short blocks from one of the stops on the Free 16th St. Mall Ride. Check with your hotel to confirm which street stop to use.

If you have special luggage needs, or have any questions, please contact Peggy King at peggy@rmoug.org.

We look forward to seeing you at RMOUG Training Days 2017 next week. Travel safely!



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