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  1. [techies] Re: Looking for Available Training
    Sent January 21st 2013

    I wanted to thank Tim for the reminder on the OTN session at TD2013! This is a great deal. One more question for folks out there. I am seriously considering taking the OracleJava SE 6 Associate Certification Value Package at a cost of about $1100 for t...

  2. [techies] Re: Looking for Available Training
    Sent January 20th 2013

    Replying to both the MISC and TECHIES list, because I believe this information is of general interest... OTN Labs in conjunction with RMOUG is providing a *free *4-hour "Developing Mobile Applications Workshop" on Monday...

  3. [techies] Looking for Available Training
    Sent January 20th 2013

    Iam looking into adding tomy skills to increase my marketability on the job market as a developer. Two areas that Ihavenoticed that arein demand on the job market is Java and ADF. So I wanted to run some questions by everyone on the RMOUG Misc and Techlis...

  4. [techies] Crystal ODBC/Native and Oracle Virtual Directory
    Sent August 31st 2012

    Hello, We have many Crystal Reports running against an Oracle database. The reports are developed on individuals desktops and then deployed to production via Business Objects Server. The problem we are trying to solve regards report promotion. With syste...

  5. [techies] Fw: Question
    Sent May 7th 2012

    Please respond directly to Bill since he is not on the techies list server. - Heidi From: Email: billinle@ne21.co or Tel: (303) 644-6321 Question 1: How can I use Oracle.net to connect a specific PL/SQL DML command to a specific ...

  6. [techies] Re: CDC
    Sent April 19th 2012

    Re: CDC Eric,CDC is a supported option in Oracle but there is no development on this product anymore. All efforts are being placed into the GoldenGate product. With our CDC installation (12 tables in production) we still have instances where the ap...

  7. [techies] CDC
    Sent April 18th 2012

    Hello, We are looking into using CDC to populate our data warehouse. We would like to minimize impact to our source database, which currently is not in archivelogmode. Ive been staring at Oracle documentation and web posts for days, and find the informa...

  8. New techies list server
    Sent March 28th 2012

    In the process of updating our website (if you haven't checked it out yet, please do -- www.rmoug.org), we have switched over the list servers to a Dada Mail interface. Now, to send a message, you will need to send your email to: c@rmu.g Hope to see eve...


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