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  1. [techies] cxml Punchout Application - https request/response
    Sent May 15th 2013

    What is the safest and simplest way to send an HTTP(S) REQUEST/RESPONSE to an external (internet) url initiated from a user running an Oracle 10G Forms and Reports application (currently running on a 10g operational database)?Is there a good article or wh...

  2. [techies] How to decode value of timestamp bind variable in sql monitoring report?
    Sent March 20th 2013

    Hi All,We run sql monitoring reports on some of our longer running queries. We use the timestamp datatype in our database( In our sql monitoring reports we see bind variables captured for the timestamp datatype that we are unsure how to decod...

  3. [techies] Fwd: Fwd: Jonathan Lewis - all new "Oracle Mechanisms" Seminar & Webinar - April 11 & 12, 2013
    Sent March 8th 2013

    Jonathan is a frequent and extremely valuable contributor to RMOUG, as well as being a certified "individual of extraordinary abilities and achievement" (a.k.a. holder of an O-1 visa) in the eyes of the US Department of Homeland Security...

  4. [techies] RE: Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
    Sent March 7th 2013

    I don’t use SQL Developer much but have been using it with JDK 7 for a while and even though it’s not supported, I haven’t seen major problems.  However, I’m only doing basic stuff in there so it’s not a full-fledged test.Eric is spot on with how SQL...

  5. [techies] RE: Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
    Sent March 7th 2013

    Hi Ron, Lots of ‘gotchas’ on all these new versions and their incompatibilities, aren’t there? We have clients still running IE6 machines just so they can continue to run 10g webforms. Anyway, how you doing? Did you find a new contract? What’s new? ...

  6. [techies] RE: Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
    Sent March 7th 2013

    I am currently working on this and JDK 1.7 does not work with Forms/Reports 10g. You have to uninstall JDK 1.7 and reinstall JDK 1.6 to get either IE 9 or Mozilla 19 to run Forms/Reports 10g. At least on my laptop that is what I had to do, which isan HP D...

  7. [techies] RE: Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
    Sent March 7th 2013

    Greg, I think this is just a reference to Java 6 in general. If you are using the Java JRE that comes with the Oracle 11 client you will be fine unless you encounter a bug. Not sure about the compatibility of SqlDeveloper with Java 7, If that is wha...

  8. [techies] Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
    Sent March 7th 2013

    I got this question from a co-worker ... .anyone have any thoughts on this?Thanks!Greg*From: *"Greg Kainz" <g.kai@satiaf.c>*To: *ekaz@comcast.e*Sent: *Thursday, March 7, 2013 11:57:46 AM*Subject: *FW: Java 6 Retirement*From:* Jeff Laing *S...

  9. [techies] Oracle and AD
    Sent February 20th 2013

    Hey folks, We are looking at using AD to authenticate our Oracle Windows client connections. Our RDBMS platform is Red Hat. Ive been talking to Oracle about this and the answer seems to be buying Directory Services Plus and using one of 4 possible combi...

  10. [techies] Re: Looking for Available Training
    Sent January 21st 2013

    I wanted to thank Tim for the reminder on the OTN session at TD2013! This is a great deal. One more question for folks out there. I am seriously considering taking the OracleJava SE 6 Associate Certification Value Package at a cost of about $1100 for t...

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