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From: "Sorrin, Eric" <Eric.Sorrin@childrenscolorado.org>
Subject: [techies] Oracle and AD
Date: Mon Jan 11 14:48:13 2016



Hey folks,


We are looking at using AD to authenticate our Oracle Windows client connections.  Our RDBMS platform is Red Hat.  I’ve been talking to Oracle about this and the answer seems to be buying Directory Services Plus and using one of 4 possible  combinations of OID and OVD with a side of WebLogics as well, and purchasing Advanced Security to be able to use Kerberos.  Seems like a lot of convoluted stuff to do what I want, namely authentication and password management.  I don’t even want to necessarily manage roles in OID or AD, and I’m thinking that once I go the directory route I won’t even have a choice to do roles in the DB.  Many  (non-Oracle) products seems to integrate fairly seamlessly.  This one is frustrating.


Does anyone have some practical experience with this or good advice?  I would think this is a common problem but I don’t see a good solution out there.







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