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From: Heidi Kuhn <heidi.kuhn@rmoug.org>
Subject: [techies] Fw: Question
Date: Fri Jan 8 19:07:24 2016

Please respond directly to Bill since he is not on the techies list server. - Heidi

From: Email: billhinkle@ngine21.com  or Tel: (303) 644-6321


Question 1: 


How can I use Oracle.net to connect a specific PL/SQL DML command to a specific port number on today’s multi-port Network Interface Cards having 2 or 4 ports?


Question 2:

            How have multi-port NICs impacted Oracle’s EZ Connect commands?


Question 3:  Are these questions concerning the operating system, Oracle, or both?


Thank you,  Bill Hinkle, Manager, Ngine21 LLC.