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  1. [techies] wild cost estimates
    Sent January 8th 2016

    Hi folks, been a long time. We recently upgraded one of our databases from to The database has the latest combo PSU a couple of one-off patches, and a multitude of undocumented initialization parameter settings recommended by ...

  2. [techies] OT: RMOUG "Training Days" after-conference weekend
    Sent December 3rd 2013

    For quite a few years now, an ever-growing group of RMOUG members and out-of-town guests at the "Training Days" conference have headed up to the mountains on the weekend following the "Training Days" conference. Some go skiin...

  3. [techies] Two RMOUG events in November, one in December, then the big one in February
    Sent October 31st 2013

    Friends and colleagues, The Rocky Mtn Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) is holding *two* educational events in November... [*]MySQL Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting at the Oracle/Sun campus in Broomfield CO on Monday 11-Nov from 6p...

  4. [techies] Forms 11g calling http statement with web.show_document
    Sent September 6th 2013

    First of all I would like to apologize for the prior emails sent to this list, for some reason my other isp email account can send emails to this mail list but will not receive any emails (they are not going to spam). So I added this account to the techie...

  5. [techies] test
    Sent September 6th 2013

    test ...

  6. [techies] web.show_document for url calling http statement as a web service
    Sent September 5th 2013

    I am calling a print application from Oracle Forms 11g using a url call passing in a http statement. However when I open the http statement on the web browser and when I call it using the web.show_document it opens either a blank page or one stating The X...

  7. [techies] Fwd: web.show_document for web service (UNCLASSIFIED)
    Sent September 5th 2013

    Looks like my first post or my second post worked for this issue in the techies email list so I am resending it again, please look below for details on the issue. I am looking for a replacement function for web.show_document to post a url so I don't get a...

  8. [techies] Fwd: Forms web.show_document calls http through a browser is there a web. to call the http as a web service?
    Sent September 5th 2013

    Not sure what happened to text in my original send but here it is below.----- Forwarded Message -----From: RONALD BICH Owner <ronaldjbic@q.c>To: Techies Mail <eces@moug.o>Sent: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 14:02:01 -0400 (EDT)Subject: Forms web.show_docum...

  9. [techies] Forms web.show_document calls http through a browser is there a web. to call the http as a web service?
    Sent September 5th 2013

    All I have a call to a url with http for an adobe forms merger java application to print business forms combined with data extracted from the database based on parameters passed into the url called. I am currently using web.show_document and this prints t...

  10. [techies] Register for Summer QEW (a.k.a. Oracle12c Technology Day) at Elitch Gardens!
    Sent July 11th 2013

    Register here for the RMOUG Summer Quarterly Educational Workshop (QEW), also known as the Oracle Database 12c Technology Day, on *Friday 09-August 2013* at Elitch Gardens Six Flags. Spend the morning /learning /and /exploring /Oracle D...

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