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From: RONALD BICH Owner <ronaldjbich@q.com>
Subject: [misc] Looking for Available Training
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Date: Wed Jan 13 13:53:11 2016

I am looking into adding to my skills to increase my marketability on the job market as a developer.   Two areas that I have noticed that are in demand on the job market is Java and ADF.   So I wanted to run some questions by everyone on the RMOUG Misc and Tech list to get some help from my professional peers on getting training.  


Below I have a couple of questions, rather then polute both of these email lists with responses can you please send your responses to my email ronaldjbich@q.com.   For anyone else that may be interested in copies of the responses I get you can send me your email and I will forward them to you.


Thanks for your help.




There appear to be a lot of jobs asking for both Java and ADF experience so I am targeting training on both of these technologies.  However any suggestions on other technology skills that are in demand on the job market with quick training and at reasonable cost that I could obtain in the next month would be greatly appreciated.


1) Are there certifications available for training in both Java and ADF?

   a) if so what is the associated cost and do they improve your marketability?


2) Can anyone recommend where to get great training at a reasonable cost?  (I am currently unemployed so I hope to maximize both)

Training can be local here or online and would need to be obtainable in the next month as I hope to be employed soon.

Specificly I am looking for training that would start at an entry level for an experienced Oracle UI/Database Developer.   Specific skills I have are listed below:

   5+ years in Forms, Reports, PL/SQL, TOAD, SQL

   1 - 2 years in Financials, Designer, Data Warehousing, SQL Developer, Discern Visual Developer, HTML/CSS, JSP, and other misc areas