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From: RJB Bich <ronaldjbich@hotmail.com>
Subject: [techies] Forms 11g calling http statement with web.show_document
Date: Wed Jan 13 20:13:53 2016

First of all I would like to apologize for the prior emails sent to this list, for some reason my other isp email account can send emails to this mail list but will not receive any emails (they are not going to spam).  So I added this account to the techies list.
Are there any Forms developers out there that know how to open a web service so a tab on the browser window doesn't open. Currently I am using web.show_document and opening a document print service created by java developers.  I am pputting the http statement in the web.show_document to send defined documents to a defined printer passed in to the url with parameters.  The document will print however it also opens a tab on the browser that is either blank or populates with this message "The XML page cannot be displayed".   The Java developers are telling me I need to post the web service calling the http statement however I am not finding any examples on how to do this.
The document will print using the web.show_document however I am told I need to get this to work without having the additional web browser tab page opening.   Any help would be appreciated on using the web.show_document call to work or an example of another way to post the http statement that will print the documents without opening a web page.
Thanks in advance Ron