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From: RONALD BICH Owner <ronaldjbich@q.com>
Subject: [techies] web.show_document for url calling http statement as a web service
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Date: Mon Jan 11 00:10:25 2016

I am calling a print application from Oracle Forms 11g using a url call passing in a http statement. However when I open the http statement on the web browser and when I call it using the web.show_document it opens either a blank page or one stating The XML page cannot be displayed. The application prints the form called but how do I get the browser page to not open?

The java developers tell me this is because I am trying to call the url through a browser and that I need to post the http call. Is there a function to post the url passing it an http statement? I have looked online for a function like the web.show_document and could not find one. Is there a function or do I need to work through the instructions located here to do this: http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/forms/11g/sms_webservice/webservices_forms_11g.htm


I am working in Forms 11g inside a program unit running web.show_document and passing it a url with an http statement calling adobe merge print services. I can call the print services and the form called will print however a browser window also opens up as either a blank page or one stating The XML page cannot be displayed. The java developers are telling me it is because I need to post the url call. Is there another function like web.show_document that will post this call so I do not have this web page pop up whenever I want to print using this service through an http statement?


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