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From: Karen Boudreau <kboudreau@hammer.net>
Subject: [techies] cxml Punchout Application - https request/response
Date: Fri Jan 8 14:02:51 2016

What is the safest and simplest way to send an HTTP(S) REQUEST/RESPONSE to an external (internet) url initiated from a user running an Oracle 10G Forms and Reports application (currently running on a 10g operational database)?


Is there a good article or whitepaper that explains how to do this simple process using predominately Oracle components? I am tempted to use utl_http because it may be quick to implement, however, the internet research I have done leads me to believe  the actual HTTPS REQUEST transaction should be initiated through a web service (or script) running outside the database (and database server)  and not launched directly from the operational database (like utl_http allows).


I am looking for a best practice secure design using predominantly Oracle components without additional scripting modules (such as PHP or ASP), if possible.



I am tasked with adding a cXML Punchout feature to a financial system’s procurement module. The cXML standards indicate the cXML message is transported to an external supplier’s website using an HTTP(S) REQUEST/RESPONSE. The financial system is built with 10g Oracle Forms and Reports running on an Oracle 10g database. 


My experience is with Oracle Forms/Reports and pl/sql.  I do not have experience with developing web applications using other technologies. I have spent numerous hours reviewing articles on utl_http, mod_plsql, xmldb, consuming web services, etc and am not sure which components I really should be using for this simple functionality.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Karen Boudreau