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From: "Sorrin, Eric" <Eric.Sorrin@childrenscolorado.org>
Subject: [techies] RE: Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
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Date: Sat Jan 9 20:11:14 2016



I think this is just a reference to Java 6 in general.  If you are using the Java  JRE  that comes with the Oracle 11 client you will be fine unless you encounter a bug.  Not sure about the compatibility of SqlDeveloper with Java 7, If that is what you are asking,  my guess is that it would work just fine as they keep deprecated classes around for some time.  I’ m sure that Oracle will either begin to package future releases with a newer Java, or perhaps not.  They are usually way behind.  BTW – in troubleshooting the issue of SqlDeveloper asking the first time where Java is on your machine (So that I could automate client pushes) I found the place that they store the path to the JRE.   I recall it being in Sqldeveloper.conf.  So, you could have multiple versions of Java on the machine and change which version  SqlDeveloper looks uses.


Hope that helps a little.





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I got this question from a co-worker ... .anyone have any thoughts on this?

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From: Jeff Laing
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Subject: Java 6 Retirement


Does anyone have any idea what this announcement from Oracle:




This release is the last of publicly available JDK 6 Updates. Oracle recommends that users migrate to JDK 7 in order to continue receiving public updates and security enhancements. All JDK 6 releases up to and including 6u43 will be moved to Java Archive, where they will remain available but will not receive updates. For users who require continued access to JDK 6 updates, long term support is available through the Java SE Support program.


will have on SQL Developer?


Jeff Laing <jeff.laing@spatialinfo.com >

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