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From: gregkainz@comcast.net
Subject: [techies] Fwd: Java 6 Retirement
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Date: Sat Jan 9 10:12:16 2016

I got this question from a co-worker ... .anyone have any thoughts on this?

From: "Greg Kainz" <greg.kainz@spatialinfo.com>
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From: Jeff Laing
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 2:53 PM
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Subject: Java 6 Retirement


Does anyone have any idea what this announcement from Oracle:




This release is the last of publicly available JDK 6 Updates. Oracle recommends that users migrate to JDK 7 in order to continue receiving public updates and security enhancements. All JDK 6 releases up to and including 6u43 will be moved to Java Archive, where they will remain available but will not receive updates. For users who require continued access to JDK 6 updates, long term support is available through the Java SE Support program.


will have on SQL Developer?


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