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From: "Sorrin, Eric" <Eric.Sorrin@childrenscolorado.org>
Subject: [techies] Crystal ODBC/Native and Oracle Virtual Directory
Date: Fri Jan 8 18:38:39 2016



We have many Crystal Reports running against an Oracle database.  The reports are developed on individuals’ desktops and then deployed to production via Business Objects Server.

The problem we are trying to solve regards report promotion.  With system dsn’s the credentials are stored with the report.  This necessitates the developer/scheduler knowing the production password, and even worse makes it difficult to change the production credentials as hundreds of reports have to be changed.  With files dsn’s you don’t have this problem, but the passwords are stored in plain text in the DSN, which is a problem itself.


We are thinking about using Oracle Virtual Directory to integrate with our Active Directory for all of our Oracle access.  Does anyone have experience with this?  If so, do you use it in conjunction with Crystal Reports?  I’m particularly interested to know how that works with the ODBC or Native connection.  Does it just pass through and work?  Does Crystal “know” not to bother about passwords in this case?  Or do you use some other connection type?   I can’t imagine we are the only ones facing this, but I’m not having much luck with my Google searches on this topic.




Eric Sorrin

Database Administrator

Children’s Hospital Colorado

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