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From: "misc" <admin@rmoug.org>
Subject: Oracle Instructors
Date: Mon Jan 11 17:15:58 2016

FYI - please contact Randy directly since he is not on the list-

Heidi – thank you for talking with me today. I think I told you that I work for a Microsoft Authorized Technical training center in the Phoenix Area, and I have a customer who needs me to find a contractor ORACLE instructor who can teach

· Oracle Identity Manager: Admin and Implementation class and
· Oracle Java SE 7 Programming class

The class would be held in Tampa, Florida sometime in the next few months, and if any of your members have the knowledge to possibly teach a “Non-Authorized” Oracle class on those subjects for them to contact me at

Randy.johnson@dwwtc.com or by phone at 602-516-0217

I appreciate you seeing if anyone from your user group has the skills to be an instructor for any of these.