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From: Tim Gorman <tim@evdbt.com>
Subject: [misc] OT: RMOUG &quot;Training Days&quot; after-conference weekend
Date: Fri Jan 8 19:59:52 2016

For quite a few years now, an ever-growing group of RMOUG members and out-of-town guests at the "Training Days" conference have headed up to the mountains on the weekend following the "Training Days" conference.  Some go skiing, some go snowboarding, some go snowshoeing, some go snowmobiling, some go shopping, some just relax in front of a roaring fire, and a lot of food and beverage is consumed.  It is a great way to finish off the conference, spend time with friends old and new, and extend the lessons of the conference experience.

This year, we're opening it up.

Following the RMOUG "Training Days 2014" conference on Wed-Fri 05-07 February 2014 in Denver CO, we planning an informal, friendly, fun trip by rail on the "California Zephyr" into the mountains to the lovely hot springs resort of Glenwood Springs.  The train leaves downtown Denver early Saturday morning (08-Feb 2014) and arrives into Glenwood Springs by 2pm after winding through 30+ tunnels and the prettiest winter scenery in the country, leaving time for enjoying the hot springs and the local brewpub and restaurants.  We have arranged a room block at the Hot Springs Lodge, and we all have the choice of returning via train or passenger van when we wish.

If you're interested, please visit the web-pages at "http://evdbt.com/rmoug-td2014-afterconf/", including instructions on booking and reserving. 

Some important things to bear in mind:

1) RMOUG itself has nothing to do with this event;  this is strictly a non-affiliated, non-associated, informal get-together.
2) Everyone is responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements;  the web pages at "http://evdbt.com/rmoug-td2014-afterconf/" are available as suggestions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not reply or reply-all if you have any questions?  Instead, please be sure to forward any questions to me;  please spare the members of these email lists any additional spam to their inbox.