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From: "Green, Leslie" <lgreen@sesc.com>
Subject: [misc] Dean Geary - DB Developer/Designer/Modeler/Architect
Date: Mon Jan 11 23:36:42 2016

Hi RMIUG’ers,


I would like to refer to Dean Geary to the group.  He’s an excellent DB professional and he just came off of a project.  He’s worked for me twice and I highly recommend him for any Database role from Development and ETL to Design and Modeling to Architecture.  Though I’d love to keep him working, we just do not have a spot for him right now.  Please contact him directly for new job opportunities.




Dean A. Geary

dgeary2874@q.com, 719-964-0363


Summary: Expertise in Oracle Server, data warehousing, database design and management. Skilled with data manipulation tools, including ETL, XML, and batch processing functions. Demonstrated experience in performance tuning of SQL, procedures, and jobs within the database.


Database Architect

System Engineering Services Corporation/Worldpay US

August 2011 to present

·        Analyzed Cobol copy book files with clients subject matter experts to develop dimensional and fact attributes and definitions. Designed Data Warehouse for OBIEE implementation utilizing the Kimball method of Data warehouse design.

·        Developed 3 phase architecture plan to migrate data, replace datastore with Kimball dimensional model in support of new business portal.

·        Adapted design proposal to Worldpay Global strategy.

·        Database lead for Royal Bank of Scotland migration proposal and design team.  Engineered migration strategy, tools, manpower level of effort/budget assessments.

·        Managed database team of 1 data modeler, 7 local database developers and 2 remote database developers for migration of Sybase ASE 15 database to Oracle.


ETL Developer

System Engineering Services Corporation/Barclay Card US

October 2010 to August 2011

  • ETL Development Lead
  • Proposed and spearheaded new direction of single stage ETL utilizing Oracle External Tables and pipelined functions for the data warehouse.  The first implementation stage reduced batch job time by over 20%.  This also reduced the physical storage size in the database 100%.  The target data mart eliminated the staging and transform layers from the database.
  • Developed PL/SQL ETL jobs for Credit Card Processing in numerous data warehouse and data mart environments, processing data from multiple sources utilizing Oracle pipelined functions and external tables.
  • Developed Korn shell scripts for the inclusion of ETL jobs in the batch stream.
  • Performed maintenance and tuning of existing jobs to meet regulatory requirements.


Database Developer
DaVita Inc.,  July 2009 to October 2010

  • Designed and implemented XML framework of packages to over 20 external entities supporting the government HL7 file format.  Re-factored existing interfaces to standardize the inbound and outbound XML to the HL7 file format saving an average of 700 lines of coding per entity.  This also produced a non-quantifiable savings in testing, debugging, and QA regression testing time.


Database Analyst

L-3 Communications and AFSCN contract, July 2006 to April 2009

  • Lead DBA in database re-design effort for ESD 3.0.  Analyzed and redefined data definitions and dictionary to facilitate proper modeling and normalization of database.
  • Designed and developed extensive Oracle 10g packages and procedures utilizing TOAD to support application Data Access Layer of the ESD 3.0 database.
  • Designed a menu driven set of Korn shell scripts allowing the test team controlled access to internal database functions, to manage schemas and data sets during the test cycles saving hundreds of hours of DBA support for the test team.
  • Designed Korn Shell scripts and packages to add/rebuild Oracle advanced replication across the network.  These were later modified to use Oracle Streams.


Database Analyst

Verizon Business Colorado Springs, Co November 2004 to July 2006


  • Designed and developed the Location Directory Phonebook Oracle 10g database to specification from Use Cases. 
  • Managed package and procedure development in TOAD, of batch processing and XML output thru web based access.
  • Achieved 67% decrease in process run time of rewritten PL/SQL procedures through performance tuning.
  • Designed Oracle portal database to marketing requirements including procedure standards, security, and XML.
  • Analyzed Marimba documents and standards for developing requirements of custom Marimba database.


Software Platforms

Databases                    Operating Systems        Languages                    Tools

Oracle Server 7-10g     HP Unix                       SQL, PL/SQL              ORACLE XMLDB

Informix v. 7.3  Digital True 64  ISQL                           ORACLE XML

Sybase 11,                   Digital Unix                   PowerBuilder V. 4-7    Designer 2000, 6I

Adaptive Server           AIX                             C, C#                           Enterprise Manager

                                    Linux                            Perl                              ERWin, BPWin

                                    Windows                      Unix Shell Script           Toad, SQL Navigator

                                    Sun OS/Solaris v. 7-9   Java                             DreamWeaver





      Computer Science coursework at Colorado Technical University 1993-1994

      Computer Science coursework at University of Maryland European Division


      Oracle Backup and Recovery Oracle - Denver June 1999

      Oracle Data Base Administration Oracle - Denver February, 1999

      Data Modeling and Database Design w/ERWin Greenbriar & Russel 1995

      PowerBuilder Foundation Class Powersoft - Denver, 1996

      Mastering PowerBuilder Data Windows Greenbriar & Russel, 1996

      PowerBuilder Performance Tuning & Techniques Greenbriar & Russel, 1996

      Exploiting Data Window Technology Greenbriar & Russel, 1996

      Introduction to PowerBuilder Semiotix, 1995




Leslie Green

Technical Recruiter

Systems Engineering Services

5299 DTC Blvd. Suite 420 Greenwood Village, CO 80111

303.290.8288 x118