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The misc list server is for non-technical information like job postings, job searches, product endorsements. While only members can post, I often forward information from recruiters, companies, etc. As a member, you can also forward job information that you think will be beneficial to the membership

Last Message: [misc] Re: Functional Applications Analyst w/some Techie skills needed - ASAP

Hey Mark how have you been? I am curious is this by chance with Tricare? Ron *From: *"Mark P Molnar" <mamona@modch.com>*To: *"misc" <sc@og.>*Cc: *mamona@modch.com*Sent: *Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:30:33 PM*Subject: *[m...



The techies list server is for technical questions only. We have a vast amount of technical expertise in our membership, so this is a great place to ask questions and learn new information.

Last Message: [techies] OT: RMOUG "Training Days" after-conference weekend

For quite a few years now, an ever-growing group of RMOUG members and out-of-town guests at the "Training Days" conference have headed up to the mountains on the weekend following the "Training Days" conference. Some go skiin...



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