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The misc list server is for non-technical information like job postings, job searches, product endorsements. While only members can post, I often forward information from recruiters, companies, etc. As a member, you can also forward job information that you think will be beneficial to the membership

Last Message: [misc] IT Developer at Colorado State University

*Apply:* https://jobs.colostate.edu/postings/16782 *Description of Work Unit:* The Department of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness reports to the Provost, and is responsible for collecting, maintaining, organizing, and preserving ins...



The techies list server is for technical questions only. We have a vast amount of technical expertise in our membership, so this is a great place to ask questions and learn new information.

Last Message: [techies] wild cost estimates

Hi folks, been a long time. We recently upgraded one of our databases from to The database has the latest combo PSU a couple of one-off patches, and a multitude of undocumented initialization parameter settings recommended by ...



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