RMOUG Quarterly Educational Workshop and Annual Meeting

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Date:   Wednesday, 31-May 2017 – 6:00pm to 8:00pm MDT

Location:    The Commons At Champa – 1245 Champa Street, 80204, Denver, CO (map)

Please RSVP at the RMOUG Meetup webpage HERE

Learn about…

Test Automation: Agile Enablement for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Teams

Presenters: Lynn Winterboer Co-Presenter: Cher Fox


Regardless of whether your data warehousing (DW)/business intelligence (BI) team is dedicated to Scrum, a fan of Kanban, or focused on XP, “Agile” in any form calls for small increments of potentially deployable results – which means that QA is essential on a regular, frequent basis. As we develop these small increments, we need to not only test the new development, but also regression test what we’ve already built. Our test suite grows larger with each iteration, and manual testing quickly becomes infeasible. Agile requires that we automate our tests so that regression testing doesn’t become a development bottleneck.

Test automation is one of several key technical enablement practices that allows teams to be more successful in their agile journeys. While there are lots of test practices and automation tools out there for software development teams to leverage, very few are targeted to data-related development and testing. Agile analytics practitioner Lynn Winterboer and DW/BI architect Cher Fox will share essential agile test foundations and data-focused test automation technologies to help data warehousing and business intelligence teams get a leg up on this important agile practice, including a demo of how this works!

Please RSVP at the RMOUG Meetup webpage HERE

BYOC – Bring Your Oracle Challenge

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Bruz Beers

At Bruz Beers, 1675 W 67th Ave, Denver, CO (map)

Thursday, November 3, 2016, 5:30pm – 8:30pm MDT

Come share a beer and appetizers with the rest of your Oracle community, contribute and learn!

We’re doing this as a series of lightning talks — 10 mins to discuss whatever you thought was cool, and that you’d like to share!

In between each lightning talk, we’ll Q&A and share similar experiences.

First round of beer and appetizers is on RMOUG!


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