RMOUG Awards and Credits


Doug Faughnan Lifetime Achievement Award:

 This special award is presented to an RMOUG member who has shown exemplary service to the organization as a volunteer over a long period of time, as a memorial to Doug Faughnan, RMOUG’s first webmaster, longtime contributor, good friend and mentor to many.

  • 2015  Jenny McGurk
  • 2014  Ron Bich
  • 2013  Ann Horton
  • 2012  Pat VanBuskirk
  • 2011  Heidi Kuhn
  • 2010  Debra Addeo
  • 2009  Peggy King
  • 2008  Brad Brown
  • 2007  Bill Schwartzkopf
  • 2006  Michael Del Toro
  • 2005  Tim Gorman
  • 2004  Stan Yellott
  • 2003  Kent Graziano
  • 2002  Doug Faughnan

IOUG Volunteer of the Year Award:

This is simultaneously an award by RMOUG and a nomination to the IOUG for their Volunteer of the Year award. It is intended for presentation to an RMOUG member who has shown exemplary service and has had the most impact on RMOUG and the Oracle user group community over the past year.

  • 2015  Art Marshall
  • 2014  Kellyn Pot’vin
  • 2013  Kellyn Pot’vin
  • 2012  Carolyn Fryc
  • 2011  Carolyn Fryc
  • 2010  Pat Van Buskirk
  • 2009  Allison Leech
  • 2008  Darl Kuhn
  • 2007  Andrew Bono
  • 2006  Peggy King
  • 2005  Barbara A. Lewis
  • 2004  Peggy King
  • 2003  Elizabeth Boss
  • 2002  Darren Hadley


Award from IOUA Winner of Eight Awards from The International Oracle Users Group-Americas
Most Creative Website International Oracle Users Group Live2005! Achievement Award
Most Creative Web Site
1996 Oracle Users Group Newsletter Competition Best Appearance
Best Distributed on Electronic Medium
First Annual IOUG-A Web Site Contest April 1997
Best Overall
Best Content
1998 IOUG-A Web Site Contest Best Graphics
Most User Freindly
Best Interactive


This RMOUG Web site was established in 1995.

  • Initially created by Doug Faughnan of Qwest.
  • The current site is maintained by RMOUG volunteers.