RMOUG Minutes 8-26-2005

Board Meeting
August 26, 2005

Graebel Companies


Not called to order


Board Members in Attendance:

Ron Bich

Peggy King

Jeff Meyer


Also in Attendance:

Heidi Kuhn

Andy Bono (Representing Barbara Lewis)


Ron Bich reported that Barbara Lewis would like to pursue an upgrade or new e-mail system.  There have been problems on and off since we got the system going.  The e-mail system is not part of the IS System with the hardware boxes.  We need to a work-around safety in case the e-mail system is down.  The mail system is on a box that Mincom owns.  We’re not sure if the problem is with Mincom’s system going up and down, or if it is an I-Mail program.  Support from Mincom has not been great.  It was decided to go forward with a request for quote for a more stable e-mail system and e-mail services.  We will always need an ISP provider for e-mails.  The Mincom IS contract is coming up at the beginning of next year.


Andrew Bono will be moving and so Barbara will need a replacement UNIX administrator.  The replacement will need some Unix Admin experience.  We have a need for upgrading and maintaining the system.  The Members-only website is looking for volunteers.  HTTP Web Tools from Oracle might be available.  IOUG has a server that RMOUG volunteers can use to play around with.


Ron also reported that he thinks it would be good to network with NYCOUG and Puget Sound UG.  Our group could provide some support like sharing speaker resources.


Jeff Meyer said he would call Cenveo about the production costs.  He will also ask about design and editing.  He would like to have a decision by September 9th.  The next edition should be out around the end of September.  Currently we have 2 articles in addition to the President, Newsletter Director, and Training Days articles.  We need to get Vendor Ad contracts.


Peggy King is asking for volunteers to help with Training Days 2006.  The call for papers is out.  She has a call to Barbara to get form up and going for the link for abstracts.  For the speaker letters, she will be both e-mailing and snail mailing.  The published deadline is September 12th.  Registration fees will not be changed this year.The Exhibitor information has been sent to Melissa.  Booths are $1250.  There are four levels of participation for exhibitors:

  • Gold:  Continental Breakfast/Bags/T-shirts, booth, 1 complimentary registration
  • Silver:  raffle card/badges
  • Platinum:  TD Reception:  Booth, Vendor Presentation, 2 complimentary registrations
  • Bronze:  They provide item and we put in bag (within boundaries of list)


Dates are posted for 2006 on Web Site.  Abstract reminder e-mails will go out.


Peggy would also like to get everyone’s workload and what plans are going forward.  She has only received 4 responses so far.


The next meeting will be held October 13th at Mincom.  Barbara Lewis will check to see if this day works okay.