RMOUG Minutes 6-7-2007


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on June 7, 2007 at 4:49 p.m. at Englewood, Colorado.

I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:

Bill Schwartzkopf
Peggy King
Linda Seley
Jon Arnold
Ron Bich
Allison Leech
John Peterson

Also in attendance:
Heidi Kuhn

The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).

II. ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  The following Officers were elected:

Name:              Bill Schwartzkopf
Office:             President

Name:              Peggy King
Office:             Vice President

Name:              Jon Arnold
Office:             Secretary

Name:              Linda Seley
Office:             Treasurer

Name:              John Peterson
Office:             Director of Education

Name:              Jon Arnold
Office:             Director of Programs

Name:              Allison Leech
Office:             Director of Newsletter

Name:              Ron Bich
Office:             Director of SIGS

Name:              Peggy King
Office:             Director of Training Days

Name:              Allison Leech
Office:             Director of Vendor Relations

Name:              Barbara Lewis
Office:             Director of IS

Name:              Ron Bich
Office:             Director of Membership



A.  Report by Peggy King.
Peggy King reported that since we do not have 12 Board Members for each position, we will have to do some cross-over rolls.  Peggy will be handling the Vice President position along with the Director of Training Days.  Jon Arnold will be responsible for the Secretary roll in addition to the Director of Programs.  Allison Leech will handle both the Director of Newsletters and Director of Vendors position.  Ron Bich will be responsible for SIGS and membership, with help from Bill Schwartzkopf.  Bill will also help with John Peterson with the Director of Education position.

With the new Board accepted as seeded, Peggy asked that Barbara Lewis reset the passwords for the information systems.

Peggy also send she will send the Speaker Release Form to Jon Arnold for the August QEW.

Peggy also went over Barbara Lewis’ list that was sent via e-mail.

  • Donated servers
  • 501(c)3 attorney
  • Web page redesign/update/currency/change?
  • Data393 golf tourney


B.  Report by Bill Schwartzkopf.
Bill Schwartzkopf reported that Linda Seley has talked with legal council and found that filing for non-profit status will run between $3000 and $5000.  There is an additional fee for 2nd applications.  Linda found a foundation group package that runs about $950 and she would like to look into it a little more.  She will do more due diligence research and give a recommendation at the next Board Meeting.

Bill also reported that IOUG has sent a proposal to partner with RMOUG for 2008 Collaboration.  The Board discussed the following ideas:

  • Promotion of TD 2008 and IOUG to RMOUG members
  • Collaborate flyer at TD
  • IOUG Keynote for Training Days, either lunch or 2nd morning breakfast-George Trujillo would be a good choice.
  • Incentive raffle to RMOUG member to attend Collaborate
  • RMOUG Board invited to Volunteer reception
  • Percentage discount for Vendor deal for attending both conferences
  • RMOUG can advertise Call for Papers


    • The following motion to open a money market account for the Stan Yellott Scholarship was approved by a majority vote of the Directors.  The scholarship fund amount will be determined at a later day.


V.  NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on July 12 or 19th, at 4:45 p.m. at Data393 if Barbara Lewis can secure the location.

There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.


Jon Arnold