RMOUG Minutes 5-9-2002






A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on May 9, 2002 at 4:30 p.m. at Englewood, Colorado.


I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:


Stanley Yellott

Rich Baca

Debra Addeo

Rick Hata

Tim Gorman


Via conference call:

Bill Schwartzkopf

Jenny McGurk


Also in attendance:

Diane Ambrose

Ron Bich

Chip Briggs

Mary Crystal

Kevin Kinney

Jeff Meyer

Heidi Kuhn






The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).




A.  Report by Stan Yellott.

Stan Yellott reported that Fat City scrubs any virus information that comes through, but leaves the header so virus software flags it, can’t find it, then says it can’t be quarantined.  It was decided that Rich Baca will do a FatCity announcement to the newsletter, e-mails, and at the Quarterly Meeting on May 17th.


Since there are only ten people running for the Board, there will be no election at the May 17th General Meeting.  There will be a Board Meeting at the during the General Session to vote for approving them as the new Board Members.


RMOUG is a 501(c)6 Not-For-Profit Organization.  This means it is not tax-deductible for charitable contributions.  It is unlikely we will be able to obtain free software from Oracle.


Stan also reported that Allison Leech has been contacted about providing two scholarships to one school.  Currently there are five $500 scholarships budgeted for.


The current membership numbers are 801 paid, 1181 not-paid, and 37 Complimentary memberships for a total of 2009.  Heidi feels that early membership renewals are going well.  Final notice invoices should go out the last week of May.  Any unpaid memberships will in inactivated June 30th.


The next Grant Request from IOUG-A is May 15th.  It was decided to bundle all the receipts for both the August and the November 2001 meetings.  Our May meeting grant was turned down.


A discussion ensued about having a job-postings area on the website and whether or not it would fulfill RMOUG’s mission.  It was decided that there are other things that fill our mission statement better.  Clearly, the direction of the Board is that, while it would be nice to have job links, it is beyond the scope of RMOUG at this time.


B.  Report by Rich Baca.

Rich Baca reported that the new Board Position descriptions are still being worked on.  He did a quick run-down of the new positions and requirements.  He hopes to send the position descriptions to the Board in the next few days.   The Board Positions are encouraged to act more like managers and appoint committees to help handle the particular tasks.  We are trying to appoint more Board Members-At-Large to handle particular tasks.  They cannot vote, but will be on the Board list server.


C.  Report by Tim Gorman.

Tim Gorman reported that more panel members than attendees showed up at the C&TS show.  Tim did put together a set of material to use to introduce RMOUG to other groups.


Tim also reported that he has confirmed with the hotel and scheduled 150 people for catering for the May 17th RMOUG General Meeting.  He will give updated counts on Wednesday before the meeting.  There are two sponsors with tables in the same area as the food.  Oracle is providing the LCD projector only.  RMOUG is paying for the wireless lavalier microphone and screen.  The agenda is still solid from the agenda mailing.  Heidi reported that there are 87 people signed up for the meeting.


The Compaq/HP information was very sales oriented and while Tim would like to accommodate them, he felt it was more important to push the Vendor Sponsorship packages as set forth in the Sponsorship Brochure.  The Board needs to come up with a clear set of guidelines for Quarterly Meeting Sponsors.


For the bookstore, SoftPro was not able to schedule the May meeting, but they do have August and November penciled in.  Tim has contacted Oracle Magazine to have magazines available at the meeting.  Stan will contact IOUG-A for the Select magazine and Jenny will contact ODTUG’s magazine.


Tim would like to put the AITP meetings coming up on the web site calendar.  He has not been able to contact the AITP student chapter about hosting the November 15th meeting.  Allison will try to contact the University of Phoenix.  Stan will try and find a contact for the University of Denver for the August 23rd meeting.  Heidi will forward the Metro State College of Denver’s RMOUG membership list to Tim and Stan.  Stan will get the dates of the meeting and Training Days to IOUG-A and Oracle.


D.  Report by Debra Addeo.

Debra Addeo reported that the increase in membership dues will be posted to the web on May 16th.  The May Meeting Sponsors are up on the web along with the May Agenda.  Heidi and Rich Baca will write up the new membership information that goes on the web.


Debra Addeo and Ron Bich also reported on the IS Planning Task Force.  They tried to identify the IS needs/options for RMOUG.  The IS Planning Task Force had a meeting April 30th to brainstorm what we have and our future needs, especially before we spend a significant amount of money.  Heidi is still working on the notes, then they will be sent to the Board for review before a decision is made about what to do.


The task force will get back together and decide how to go about getting the goal and writing the RFPs.  It was suggested that one large RFP be made and also draft three smaller ones to encompass the communication, hosting, and hardware for RMOUG’s Information Systems.  RMOUG will send an RFP to Bruce Bergman at FatCity.





A.  The motion to allocate the five $500 scholarships amongst the Universities who respond by the cut-off date was passed by a majority of the Directors.  Allison Leech will distribute the scholarships as she sees fit.


IV.  NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on June 3, 2002, at 4:30, at Mincom in Englewood, CO


There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.





Rich Baca