RMOUG Minutes 4-8-2003






A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on April 08, 2003 at 4:30 p.m. at Englewood, Colorado.


I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:


Stanley Yellott

Jenny McGurk

Jeff Meyer

Bill Schwartzkopf


Via Teleconference:

Diane Ambrose


Also in attendance:

Dan Fink

Heidi Kuhn


The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).




A.     Report by Stanley Yellott

Stanley Yellott reported that he did hear back from University of Denver and University of Northern Colorado.  The Regis University’s scholarship was awarded to a Pine Creek High School graduating Senior.


Stan will go over the e-mail at a later time.  There will be three RMOUG addresses:  www.rmoug.org will be the main address; uat.rmoug.org will be a test site, and dev.rmoug.org will be a development site.  Stan is working on the existing site and how to set it up before we move to the new one.  The Oracle Server work is still in progress.  RMOUG is looking into the price of the Oracle 9iDs so they will have support for the Forms and Reports.


The next meeting is the General Meeting on May 30th.  The next Board Meeting is scheduled for June 10th, but the Board might need to meet the week of May 12-16 dependent upon whether or not their needs to be a formal Board Election at the May 30th meeting.


The Northern Colorado Group would like to hold another meeting in June at Agilent.  RMOUG pays for refreshments and helps acquire speakers, the group provides facilities.


B.     Report by Jenny McGurk

Jenny McGurk reported that she wants everyone to be responsible for the different areas they are Directors over.  The current cash position June 1st through April 6th is that we are $54,000 short from last year.  This year we will probably break even.  The budget numbers were badly skewed by the number of early renewals at the discount rate last year.  With this in mind, Jenny wants everyone to really hold the line and stick to the budget on what they are doing.


Jenny went over the current budget balances.  The IS system budget was $2460, the actual expense year to date is $10,676 with no outstanding expenses for a $8216 deficit.  This is because we bought the servers for our new web site.


The Membership was budgeted at $3168.  So far we have spent $3103 with estimated outstanding expenses of $1200 for a deficit of $1135.  This deficit is mainly due to postage and Admin support hours.


The Newsletter budget of $31,900 has spent $21,752 so far, but there is another issue left in the year for $10,000.  There should be $148 left at year-end.


The Overhead was budgeted at 39,924 and is currently at $21,961 with another $5050 estimated expenses for a total of $12,913 balance.  This is way under because Jenny stopped asking for monthly statements from the CPA and the postage and hours have been broken out for specific purposes rather than lumped under overhead.


The Quarterly programs budget was $9455 and we have spent $8080 so far with another $4000 expenses estimated for the May Meeting.  This will bring us a deficit of $2625.  The food costs have been high and we have not received as many  sponsorships as the budgeted.


We added a new category called Northern Colorado in which we spent $400 that was not budgeted.


Overall, we budgeted $86,907 for total expenses and have spent $65,972.  The estimated expenses are $20,250 for an overall total of $685.


Next we went over the projected Budget that Jenny put together.


Information Systems:  The main expenses there are Software Licenses of $1016, Software Purchase of Oracle 9iDs for $4000, and the SSL certificate for a total of $6250.


SIGS:  Office Supplies were projected at $75 for meetings.  A Deli Tray and Croissants run $30, and a veggie tray is another $10.  If there are three meetings at $40 each, Jenny will change the amount to $120.  It was also decided to include the Northern Colorado and Southern Colorado group in this category.  This category had been set at $1050 for supplies and $300 for Admin Support.


Membership:  Office Supplies are currently budgeted at $25, Postage and Delivery $500, Admin support at $3850.  Before adjusting, the membership was budgeted for $4375.  Heidi felt the office supplies will probably be higher and she also thinks her hours for membership will be higher because of the new invoicing system of billing for memberships every 12 months rather than by the fiscal year.


Newsletter:  Advertising Income projected to be $8400.   Expenses are:  Author Gifts at $400, Editor at $400, Admin Support at $400, and Postage at $38,120.  A total budget of $30,920 is projected.


Overhead:  Interest on checking is projected to be $192.  For expenses, credit card fees of $8000 are high and we will probably want to look into other alternatives to Bank One.  Board Meetings are projected to cost $300.  Office supplies of $396, Admin Support at $7200, postage and delivery of $300 (we might add another postcard mailing at $428), and printing and graphics of $150.  Accounting and Tax Preparation fees will be around $4000.  Scholarships are projected to be $2500.  It was suggested that we up taxes to $150 or $200 just in case we end up owing them.  Telephone is $1860 for conference calls and both phone numbers.  Heidi will get the phone number in the newsletter and on the website changed back to (303) 948-1786 and we will drop Jerry’s phone number when that is done, which should save us about $35 per month.  Volunteer gifts will be $400.  The overhead total is $24,917.


Quarterly Programs:  We decided to drop the income coming from meeting fees (just not count on it, although we will charge the $15 for non-members).  Audio Visual is projected to cost $400.  Food is projected to cost $5400.  We are getting rid of paper handouts.  Office supplies will be $150, and Admin Support will be $3000.  We decided to drop the printing and graphics.  Room rental for 2 meetings will be $1500 and the hotel service charge is budgeted at $300 and taxes are $150.  The total budget for Quarterly Programs is 11,456.


Several points were discussed, including the fact that we are cutting out $10,000 from last year’s budget.  With the members-only website, we should be able to cut back on copies and mailing costs.  Costs were discussed and ways to increase our revenues, including selling subscriptions for just newsletters and also talked about having our mailing list available for advertisers.


The Board felt it important that once the budget is approved, that the different directors need to keep within their budget.  The Budget will be voted on at the June Meeting when new directors fill their positions.


Heidi sent out 422 invoices for membership renewals due at the end of May.  Historically, a quarter of the membership does not renew.  So far, of the 1802 RMOUG members, 618 are paid.  Because of the economy, it is hard to judge how many of the memberships will be renewed.



III.  NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on June 10 at 4:30 at Mincom.


There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.





Debra Addeo