RMOUG Minutes 3-13-2008


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on March 13, 2008 at Englewood, Colorado at 5:11 p.m.

I.  QUORUM.  A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:

Bill Schwartzkopf
Linda Seley
Ron Bich
Barbara Lewis
John Peterson

Also in attendance:
Heidi Kuhn


The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).


A.  Report by Linda Seley.
Linda Seley reported that there is a net balance of $65,559.83 in checking, $6130.82 in the Scholarship Fund, and $92,652.05 in Business Savings for a total bank balance of $164,342.70.  She went to the bank to request checks for the Stan Yellott Scholarship Fund and was told that we needed to get a DBA from the Secretary of State to officially use the name.  Bill Schwartzkopf will research which documents we need to file.

Linda also reported that she would like to research ideas on high interest CDs of something else liquid to reinvest the money from the savings account.  Linda also researched getting a debit card for Heidi to use for business purposes with a credit limit of $5000.  She will check into whether it will accept Heidi’s signature since she is not a signer on the accounts.  The Board also discussed whether or not Heidi needed to be bonded.

We do not have finalized numbers yet for Training Days 2008, but there are not any large outstanding Training Days bills that Linda or Heidi know of.
B.  Report by Bill Schwartzkopf.
Bill Schwarzkopf reported that the Board would like to provide a $200 gift certificate to John and Peggy King for all the work they did for Training Days 2008.

Bill also reported that Collab will be in Denver on April 13-16th.  There is a Sunday volunteer reception that the Board has been invited to.  Bill and Linda will attempt to make the reception.

Bill also reported that it is time for nominees for the Board of Directors.  Heidi will send out an e-mail blast.

The next Quarterly Educational Workshop will be held at the Clarion Hotel at Centennial Airport on May 16th.

The Board also discussed holding a SIG meeting in Colorado Springs on May 2nd or May 9th for the Pine Creek High School students to attend and do a panel.  Bill will see if Tim Gorman would be willing to give a presentation.  Locations to look at would be the FedEx building of possibly the Oracle Building.

C.  Report by Barbara Lewis.
Barbara Lewis reported that Mike Fons is still working on the members-only website.  Barbara was unaware that the Training Days presentation link has gone through Prairie Systems Group this year, which is different from the past.  Heidi will send her the link.

D.  Report by Ron Bich.
Ron Bich reported that he wrote an article for the newsletter about the vision coming through for the members only section of the website.  He hopes that this will generate some interest for members to volunteer to help.

E.  Report by John Peterson.
John Peterson reported that he has been in contact with the HotSos group for the Education corner of the Newsletter.  To date, there have been four scholarship applications for the Spring Semester deadline of March 15th.

Dan Hotka has donated $100 for the Stan Yellott Scholarship Fund.  Bill Schwartzkopf will work on wording for a Thank You note.  Heidi would like to print them up on nice stationary with matching envelopes.  She will look into pricing.


III.  NEXT MEETING.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held April 10, 2008 at 5:00 at IQ Navigator.

There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.


Jon Arnold