RMOUG Minutes 3-13-2001


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on March 13, 2001 at 4:10 p.m. at Englewood, Colorado.

I. QUORUM. A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following Directors:

Stanley Yellott
Irene Ludwig
Michael Del Toro
Debra Addeo
Rich Baca
Jon Arnold

Conference Call:

Tim Gorman
Mark Molnar

Also in attendance:

Rick Hata
Heidi Kuhn

The following corporate actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adopted by the majority vote of the Directors entitled to vote (unless a higher voting approval is stated).


A. Report by Tim Gorman.

Tim Gorman reported that Coors will be the location for the May 18th General Meeting. He has a list of approved caterers to contact. Rich was very happy with the caterer that RMOUG used the last time they were at Coors. Tim also said that he has sent calls for abstracts to both list servers and other acquaintances. Although three people have expressed interest in presenting, they have not turned in their abstracts yet.Tim also brought up the need for a storage location for the RMOUG items that are currently residing at different Board members homes. There was a concern about accumulation and setting rules for retention along with an update log. A 5×5 storage bin would be $40 a month. Also having an Excel spreadsheet of who had what was discussed. The discussion on acquiring a storage bin will be continued at the next Board meeting.

The August General meeting is scheduled for Friday, the 24th in the Tivoli at Metro State College of Denver. Built in 1866 as a German Opera House, the room can seat up to 700 people. It was Stan’s understanding that the Association of Informational Technology Professionals would allow us to use the room for free, but he needs to confirm. Parking is $4 per vehicle all day. There are plenty of places to eat, so RMOUG might not have to furnish lunch. The lunch and parking will be further discussed at the next Board meeting.

B. Report by Debra Addeo.

Debra Addeo reported that when all the income and expenses are cleared for Training Days there should be about a $20,000 profit. There were over 1146 total participants. There was a 38% return rate from last year. The rise in price for on-site registrations resulted in more people pre-registering. There were a lot of speakers who cancelled this year. Over 20% were replaced. Incentives for filling out evaluations were discussed. There were only 32 vendors this year compared to 40 last year. Debra will send a short questionnaire via e-mail to the attendees from 2000 to find out why they didn’t attend this year.Darren Hadley did an excellent job getting extra sponsorship from Oracle. Thanks, Darren!

There were five $50 certificates from SoftPro leftover. One will go to Darren for all his work in getting sponsorships and one will go to Irene for all her work with the Treasurer’s job. Debra will also check into unclaimed amounts from previous gift certificates from SoftPro.

C. Report by Irene Ludwig.

Irene Ludwig reported that there is $47,000 currently in checking. By the time all the deposits and expenses clears from Training Days, she expects there will be about $25,000 left to carry us through the end of the fiscal year. The newsletter should be around $10,000 and the quarterly meeting should be about $2,000. All in all, we look to be in good shape. The $50,000 CD that was taken out almost three years ago has grown to $56,239.Irene discussed how well membership fees cover the services. Basically, the membership benefits are Administration, Newsletters, and Meetings. The approximate $100,000 income (excluding Training Days, Golf, Newsletter ads and Meeting Sponsors) works out to be roughly $50 per person. Membership fees range from $33 to $50 a person (excluding the $25 student rate), depending upon membership type. An average would be $40. To provide the level of service we currently have, the membership fee covers our costs. Improving our service level will require that we raise membership rates. Stan will work on putting together a membership price task force.

D. Report by Jon Arnold.

Jon Arnold reported that he incorporated the RFP changes and they went out on Monday, March 5th to four companies: Your Conference Connection; Smith, Bucklin & Associates; The Business World; and Barb Nadorff. The deadline for response is Friday, March 16th at 5:00 p.m.E. Report by Michael Del Toro.

Michael Del Toro reported that the web site contest needs to be entered by March 16th. The web site needs to be up and running by then. The provision will be that everyone needs to visit the web site and download any changes to Doug by Sunday, March 18th.The Volunteer of the Year award deadline is April 9th. Nominations are: Darren Hadley; Tim Gorman; and Debra Addeo & Randy Ridinger (co-chairs). Michael will send out a message for all eligible voters to turn in their votes to him via e-mail.

Michael has a Grant Request for IOUG-A to help with our meetings. In the past we haven’t done it because there are other user groups that are struggling to hold meetings. However, the money is going unused. Michael will get the costs together for the August meeting to submit a request.

F. Report by Rich Baca.

Rich Baca reported that Doug Faughnan is ready to put the slides from YCC up on the web site. He feels that the volunteer support is going very well and should be continued. Because Verio is not getting paid for supporting the web site, he feels we are not being taken very seriously. He would like to purchase a higher level of site-support from them for $49.50 a month.Rich also reported that the newsletter is going to the printer today and should be ready by Friday, March 30th. The advertising spreadsheet is getting caught up again.

YCC has asked if RMOUG will run a free add for ODTUG in the newsletter. In the past we have found that swaps work well. ODTUG sends out e-mails for Training Days to their membership and their list servers. We will plan on exchanging ads.

Laura has to do custom layouts for PDFs that cost about $50 an issue. The Board decided to wait on a decision about the PDFs. They also talked about sending newsletters to Public and University libraries. A discussion also ensued about having the newsletter articles on the web. Rich will work on contracts with the authors.

April 27th was the deadline for the next newsletter. It was decided to be pushed back 2 weeks.

G. Report by Stanley Yellott.

Stanley Yellott reported that the following people have decided to run for the Board next year: Stanley Yellott, Bill Schwarztkopf, Debra Addeo, Jon Arnold, Rich Baca, Tim Gorman, and Melinda Hackstaff. Marilee Posavec and Irene Ludwig will not be returning. Mark Molnar and Michael Del Toro will return if there is nobody to replace them. We do not know if Doug Faughnan plans on returning. Right now there are three people thinking to fill the positions: Allison Leech, Rick Hata, and Elizabeth Boss. Board members will let Stan know if there are any other good candidates for Board Positions.Heidi received approval to remove any memberships in the database that have not been paid since 1998. There are approximately 240 people who have unpaid memberships, some of them active and some inactive. The Board would like Heidi to do go ahead and inactivate all the unpaids from the 2000-2001 membership year, but also to send them a letter about membership status. She went through the deposit records and applied payments where necessary. There were several memberships that she extended through May 31, 2002. There are three paid memberships that she is unable to find records for: DB Tech; Exodus Communications; and Susan Smith.

Michael Del Toro and Rick Hata met with some representatives with Meeting One about conference calls. The cost is $.16 a minute per connection. You can see everyone on the conference call and only one host person controls the meeting. It is easy to set-up and can do 100% conference calls. The Board felt it was a viable option for board meetings. However, they also felt that for cost reasons only Board members should be able to call in. Any member who wants to attend the meeting can do so in person at the meeting location.

Stan would like to send out the RFP for list servers by the 1st of April. The company would need to provide branded mailing lists and discussion boards. He would like to know of any list companies that would be able to provide those services besides FatCity. The companies would have one month to respond.

There are several Universities who have replied about scholarships for their students. Marilee has provided a list. Heidi will add the memberships to the database and Irene will send the checks.


A. The motion to accept the revised web site to be put into production was adopted by a majority vote of the Directors.

IV. NEXT MEETING. The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on May 18, 2001, at 7:00 a.m., at Golden, Colorado.

There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.


Mark Molnar