Candidates for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group
Candidates for the 2019-2020
RMOUG Board of Directors

The Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) announces the upcoming election of its Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Pursuant to the group’s by-laws, the Directors must be members of the Corporation and shall be elected for a term of one year at the annual meeting by a majority vote of the members present in person or by proxy.

When there are 15 or less nominations then RMOUG Policies state that no official election by ballot is prepared, instead there will be an election by acclamation. All available candidates will be elected by acclamation in accordance to RMOUG policies. Any vacant directorships on the Board of Directors may be filled at any time during that fiscal year by a majority vote of the board.

The ballots for acclamation will be sent to all current members before April 30, 2019. Please be sure to check your email messages, should you not receive your ballot by April 30, 2018 please email Peggy King at


David Fitzjarrell                      Sandra Grotewhol
Elaine Magnuson Art Marshall
Nicole Navartil Bill Padfield
Vineetha Rao Linda Seley



David Fitzjarrell

Campaign Statement

My name is David Fitzjarrell and I would like to run for a seat on the Board of Directors of RMOUG.  Currently I am the Newsletter Director for RMOUG and I would like to continue to serve in that capacity.  I continue to contribute to  the Oracle community through my monthly articles for and would like to extend that to the User’s Group to further knowledge and understanding of Oracle.  There are opportunities to serve that community and RMOUG through group involvement.
Currently I am the Newsletter Director for RMOUG and I would like to continue to serve in that capacity.

Qualifications and Biography:

I have been an Oracle DBA for 30 years now, starting in 1989 with Oracle 6 and working with just about every release since then.  I am a published author, having written the lion’s share of “Oracle Exadata Survival Guide” and writing two articles each month for  I contribute regularly to the Oracle database forums and have earned the distinction of Oracle ACE.  I am dedicated to sharing what I know and to learning what I don’t know on a daily basis.  The User’s Group has been good to me and I want to continue to give back to the community and to RMOUG.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve again on the Board of Directors.


Sandra Grotewhol

Campaign Statement

As a career public servant, I have been engaged in the development and use of technology for many different purposes. My Oracle work started in 2004 as an ERP Project Lead for an implementation that introduced the Regional Transportation District to Oracle databases and the Oracle eBusiness Suite. My role in the District’s IT department grew from business analysis and functional support to leading a team of analysts for major technology projects. I’ve been active in the IT community by participating in Oracle Collaborate OAUG conferences, attending WIT events, sponsoring the Public Sector OAUG meetings when it was active. I truly believe in lifelong learning and while I personally have not attended an RMOUG training Days event in several years, I circulate and recommend RMOUG training to the RTD IT employees who support our Oracle products. I believe the future of organizations like RMOUG lies in investing and encouraging today’s youth and young women to pursue careers in technology.

My strengths are organizing, planning, analysis and communication skills. I have served on other boards such as Denver Urban Gardens and the Curtis Arts and Humanities, and I would be very pleased to be accepted to serve on your board of directors and further the mission of RMOUG

Biographical Information:

Sande Grotewohl was born an artistic soul in a family of engineers and is often an early adopter of technology on many platforms. She is currently employed by the Regional Transportation District in Denver as the Lead Business Analyst working on major IT projects. Prior to working at RTD she worked in photography and photofinishing and has contributed photos for RMOUG publications. Sande holds a Master’s degree in Information and Learning Technology from University of Colorado, Denver.


Elaine Magnuson

Campaign Statement

My first exposure to RMOUG was in 2004, I attended a quarterly meeting and was impressed with the exceptional caliber of the presenters and the overall flow of the meeting. From that time forward, I volunteered for the yearly Training Days conference in various functions: room ambassador, registration, and abstract reviewer.

This past year, 2018, I have enjoyed the opportunity to contribute my time as a member of the board, worked in the capacity of the Marketing Director. I designed membership flyers, screen cleaners and a banner to use at RMOUG events. In addition, I supported the annual Training Days activities, contributed to the RMOUG newsletter and evaluated scholarship candidates.

During the coming year, if elected to RMOUG in a leadership position, I strive to enhance our relationships with vendors and members to improve the organization. Furthermore, if elected, I would bring the knowledge I have gained in several leadership roles outside RMOUG such as Mile Hi Chapter of PMI, Informatica User’s Group and Boy Scout troop committee member. I would use my leadership experience to assist RMOUG in meeting the needs of its members by continued professional education activities and promoting the organization. Being recently retired has provided me with more time and energy to invest in the growth of this remarkable organization plus, being able to stay involved and engaged in the Information Technology industry.

Qualifications and Biography:

Elaine Thomas-Magnuson recently retired and has more than 30 years of experience in various aspects of Information Technology arena with over 20 years with Oracle. She specialized in Data Warehouse design and development including ETL practices and processes. Elaine’s past positions have been a UNIX System Administrator, Programmer Analyst, Database Administrator, IT Manager and Data Warehouse / Informatica Consultant. She has worked in many industries and different sizes companies.


Art Marshall

Campaign Statement

Having been a volunteer at RMOUG Training Days and an RMOUG website volunteer technician and director, I am poised to take on additional responsibilities to assist with the planning and the direction of the group for the coming year. Being involved with RMOUG during the past several years has been a great knowledge gaining, rewarding experience for me, and I wish to contribute my efforts to the good and growth of the organization in return.

Qualifications and Biography:

I have worked in the IT industry since 1980, having used various database systems from then on, including my first exposure to Oracle in 1991. My Oracle responsibilities started with platform migration, then query and Forms development, and then those of a database administrator since 1997, in both production and development environments, including those of non-clustered, Data Guard, and RAC. Versions that I have been involved with include 6, through 12. With this long-term involvement in IT, I have a strong commitment to continually expand my knowledge of important Oracle database technologies, and to facilitate the usage and sharing of that knowledge with others.


Nicole Navartil

Campaign Statement

I have to thank David Fitzjarrell for letting me know about RMOUG, and just in time to participate in Training Days 2017. Just to give you a little background of myself, I have not worked in IT for ten years for family reasons. When I decided to re-enter the industry, I had a lot to learn and turned to Twitter among other avenues to get advice. I sent out some tweets and David Fitzjarrell responded that he would be more than willing to answer any questions I had. He informed me about RMOUG, subsequently became an at-large member of the RMOUG Board. I have served on the RMOUG Board as Scholarship Director and Programs Director. I am excited to continue contributing as a member of the RMOUG Board of Directors and my involvement in the Oracle community through RMOUG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, future conferences. RMOUG does amazing things and has the potential to do more, but that it faces many challenges. I have received such tremendous support from the Oracle community as I revive my career, and I would like to return the favor by helping RMOUG provide scholarships and with all the other great work they do, and by becoming a mentor myself.

Qualifications and Biography:

Ms Navratil began her career in IT unconventionally in 1997, by taking a job at Fidelity Investments as an administrative assistant who fell in love with automating her tasks with code. Soon she was promoted to Web Developer and created a web application using ColdFusion and SQL Server. In her next position, working for a dot com, she experienced her first exposure with Oracle. In her ten year career, Ms Navratil switched back and forth between being a front-end and a back-end developer, using a variety of technologies including continuing with Oracle, SQL Server, and ColdFusion, and adding .NET. At her last position at Boston Scientific, she interfaced closely with the Oracle DBA team and her interest in making a career change to become an Oracle DBA developed. After an unforeseen hiatus from the industry, Ms Navratil was able to go back to school and achieved her Master’s in Database Technologies from Regis University. She has subsequently achieved her OCA and is working to become an OCP. Currently, Nicole works happily for Arisant as a Systems Engineer.


Bill Padfield

Campaign Statement

I campaign to adhere to the long-established high standards of the RMOUG Board, and also hope to help keep that high standard, as well as continue to help the organization align itself with the industry, both Oracle-related, and when appropriate, non-Oracle related, if it helps the organization thrive. During the last half of 2016, I was at ‘At-large’ Board member, to get my feet wet and get some experience in the normal activities of the organization, to help prepare to be a full-time Board member. My goal is to contribute to the board and learn each month about the organization and how to increase the membership and also to help people and to both teach and learn as time goes. It is important to me to pass on the little I’ve learned in this vast industry and try to help the next generation of IT professionals enter and prosper in this field

Qualifications and Biography:

I have 20 years’ experience as an Oracle DBA. I was a long-standing DBA at Century Link (formerly Qwest). My recent experience within the past year is a DBA with Beeline (formerly IQ Navigator). I have an abundance of experience with very large databases and data warehousing, and in my recent position, more experience with a transactional processing database environment. I also have had quite a bit of experience with the Exadata platform, and experience managing an Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard database environments. Within the last 10 years, I have functioned as a Senior Oracle DBA within my companies, and helped coordinate project and infrastructure database work within our respective database teams. I have been affiliate faculty at Regis University for 12 years, facilitating database-related courses, such as Database Administration, Performance Tuning, Backup/Recovery, PL/SQL Programming, and SQL Concepts. I co-authored two books published by Apress – Oracle 12c Performance Tuning Recipes, and Expert Oracle Indexing and Access Paths.


Vineetha Rao

Campaign Statement

I attended my first RMOUG Training Days conference in 2015, and discovered
the valuable content and opportunities that it offered. Since then I have had the
opportunity to participate in volunteer opportunities and attend educational
workshops conducted by RMOUG. These events have further reinforced in my
mind the tremendous value that RMOUG has and continues to bring to the local
technology community.

Over the past few months as the Social Media director for RMOUG, I have
focused on understanding how best to leverage social media to bring awareness
to our user group, with the ultimate goal of increased involvement, membership
and attendance. I believe this is an important ongoing effort to expand our social
network and bring further value to our member community. I hope to continue to
grow our reach using the various social media platforms available to us.

Qualifications and Biography:

Vineetha Rao has been working in the IT industry for over 13 years, and has
specialized in Oracle database administration for the last 5 years.

She is passionate about learning and implementing new, cutting-edge technology
to data management architecture, and the challenge of building a robust and
secure infrastructure. She is on the board of directors for RMOUG, and in the
future looks forward to participating in the Training Days conference as a


Linda Seley

Campaign Statement

During my approximately 20 years as a member of RMOUG I have volunteered at Training Days, both at the registration booth and as room ambassador, and have served on the board, as Treasurer from 2006-2009, as Education and Scholarship Director from 2009-2010, and again as Treasurer from 2018-2019. I presented at both the 2018 and 2019 Training Days. I’ve received many benefits by being a member over the years and would like to continue giving back to the community and the organization by seeking re-election to the board.

Qualifications and Biography:

Linda Seley has been in IT since 1989. She started out as a mainframe programmer then switched to Oracle in 1994. She has developed custom applications and has installed, and supported, various tools and applications like eBusiness Suite. Through it all her main hat has been that of Database Administrator, supporting Oracle databases from a legacy version 5 database to version 12.2. Linda has also done the initial, customer-sided configuration and database migration for multiple Exadatas. Recently she’s been focusing on security and security tools like Oracle’s Advanced Security, Database Vault, Audit Vault and Database Firewall, and DBSAT, and has been diving into Oracle Sharding and the Oracle Cloud.