2013-14 Board Nominations

RMOUG Board of Directors Campaign Statements for 2013-2014

List of Nominees


Ron Bich

Campaign Statement

My IT career began in 1990 within the IBM mainframe world, looking back I find it amazing to see how the world as evolved with an ever increasing presence of technology. After getting initiated into Oracle at my job in 1995, I was provided with incentive to become involved with RMOUG in various volunteer roles.  In 2002 I was elected to the RMOUG Board of Directors and have continuously served on the Board since then.  Throughout these years my volunteer duties have included many roles on the Board of Directors. My early involvement put me in direct contact with two very talented individuals, Doug Faughnan and Stan Yellott. Their support for this organization went beyond their knowledge about Oracle and in that same spirit my support has contributed improvements beyond my Oracle knowledge. This has been my way of paying tribute to both of those individuals, by supporting RMOUG in improving membership benefits beyond my Oracle knowledge!

Qualifications and Biography:

My IT career began in 1990 within the IBM mainframe world, looking back I find it amazing to see how the world as evolved with an ever increasing presence of technology. After getting initiated into Oracle at my job in 1995, I was provided with incentive to become involved with RMOUG in various volunteer roles eventually becoming a member on the Board of Directors in 2002. My early involvement put me in direct contact with two very talented individuals, Doug Faughnan and Stan Yellott. Their support for this organization went beyond their knowledge about Oracle and in that same spirit my support has contributed improvements beyond my Oracle knowledge. This has been my way of paying tribute to both of those individuals, by supporting RMOUG in improving membership benefits beyond my Oracle knowledge!


Bobby Curtis

Campaign Statement

My name is Bobby Curtis and I’m seeking election to the board of directors for RMOUG.  After serving on the board for Douglas County Youth Baseball League (DCYBL) here in Georgia, I feel it is time to move on and look for more opportunities within my professional career and the Oracle Community; which involves and focuses on improving the Oracle community as a whole.

Qualifications and Biography:

My previous board experience, as a DCYBL board member, I severed as a general board member and ended my tenor as President.  My first few years, I spent most time reorganizing and rebuilding the equipment inventory process and ensuring that coaches and members of the league had the proper equipment to conduct weekly schedule games and tournaments.  Over the last year, as President, I worked hard to use the opportunities presented to spread the word about the league and instituted a fair draft process and improved playing rules that enhanced the competition level of the league.  Due to my commitments with work and the Oracle Community, I resigned from the league; yet still remain a vital component for current operations at the park.

 Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to present on a variety of stages from my local Georgia Oracle User Group (GOUSER) to Oracle Open World in 2012.  At which time, I meet Kellyn Pot’Vin and became involved in many more areas of the Oracle Community.  Additional involvement within the Oracle Community has been with Oracle Developers Tools User Group (ODTUG); where I represented ODTUG at the user group beta testing for Oracle Database 12c this past January in San Francisco.    Also, in working with Kellyn, I have written three chapters in our upcoming book on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

 My position as a Solution Architect with BIAS, offers me incredible support from my company to be involved in my local and remote user groups; I’ll be able to spread the word of RMOUG as a valuable regional user group during presentations, webinars and Oracle meetings outside the state of Colorado and into other regional area providing RMOUG additional exposer to a new audience.

I hope to be a positive resource within the RMOUG board of directors and of assistance to other board members through collaboration and skills that will continue to make RMOUG the successful Oracle User Group it is today.

Please elect me for the 2013-2014 year.


Carolyn Fryc

Campaign Statement

I would like continue as the Programs Director for 2013/2014. I believe the past three years went extremely well and would like to continue serving the members of RMOUG.

I feel that I am uniquely qualified for this role, based on my 9 + years of experience in designing business solutions, providing staffing services and overall working with customers to help achieve a greater value from their IT investments.  I have a deep desire to help my customers improve their business processes, as well as streamline their operations, whether it’s through software, staffing or solution design.  I am the consummate customer advocate and work to ensure that they are getting their needs met, as well as being informed as to all potential solutions available to them.   I pride myself on my commitment to my customers and my loyalty to them is unparalleled, as is my honesty and integrity that I bring to each business relationship I engage in.

The diversity of my solutions background is also a key component of my success, as I have a vast experience in applications, web development, infrastructure and managed services to draw from, so am able to quickly identify opportunities for solving IT related business issues, being much more agile in responding to these scenarios than the majority of folks out there.

If I am re-selected for this role, I will promise to work diligently on helping RMOUG design programs and training sessions that are in line with the local Denver IT Market, as well as ensure that the group members feedback is distributed and responded to in a timely and effective manner, and will work with the members to proactively provide content and forums for discussing current and emerging needs.

Qualifications and Biography

I am a sales representative with Project Partners, LLC., based in Half Moon Bay, CA.  I have been a volunteer for the past 5 years with RMOUG, as well as participated in the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 RMOUG training days.


Tim Gorman

Campaign Statement

As a member of RMOUG for the past 20 years and as a board member for most of those years, I have served RMOUG as a frequent presenter, newsletter contributor, liaison to Oracle Corporation, programs director, education director, president, Training Days director, and IS director. Throughout that time, I have concentrated on ensuring that the organization maintains its high standards of service to the membership for continuing professional education for IT professionals.

As president over the past 2 years, I have focused on the basic infrastructure of RMOUG, specifically the revamp of the website and the integration of social media for communication.  During the coming year, if elected, I intend to…

  1. Enlarge and focus the board of directors

  2. Expand the educational scope of the organization to include other important related technologies

  3. Focus on the Stan Yellott Scholarship Fund as a means of supporting the future of the IT industry within Colorado

 Qualifications and Biography

 Tim Gorman began his IT career in 1984 as a programmer on UNIX and VMS systems, working on medical and financial systems as an application developer, systems programmer, and systems administrator. He joined Oracle in 1990, became a technical manager there, then left in 1998 became an independent consultant, founding EvDBT.com. Mr. Gorman is co-author (with fellow RMOUG member Gary Dodge) of “Essential Oracle8i Data Warehousing” (2000) and “Oracle8 Data Warehousing” (1998) from John Wiley & Sons, co-author (3 others) of “Beginning Oracle SQL” (2010) from Apress, and co-author (with the Oak Table Network) of “Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table” (2004) and “Expert Oracle Database Administration from the Oak Table” (2009), and he has served as technical reviewer for eight other published books from O’Reilly & Associates and Apress.

 Tim first joined RMOUG in 1993, presenting at the Training Days conference that year and at every Training Days conference since. He has presented numerous times at quarterly membership meetings, and contributed numerous articles for “SQL_Update,” the RMOUG newsletter. He has also presented at dozens of other Oracle Users Groups in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

 Tim has served the RMOUG board of directors as the Oracle Corporation liaison from 1995-1997, programs director from 1997-2000 and 2001-2002, membership director 2000-2003, president from 2003-2005, Training Days director from 2006-2007, IS director 2010-2011, and as president again from 2011-2013.


Tom Green

Campaign Statement

Twelve years ago when I attended my first Oracle Training Days and I had the good fortune to meet Stan Yellott.  He did not care what I knew, he was just happy I was there and he wanted to share with me his wonderful Oracle world.  I have been a member of RMOUG ever since.

For the last 9 years I have volunteered as room monitor at RMOUG Training Days.  This was a good way to help people feel welcome to the Oracle fellowship.  In 2009 I delivered a presentation for Training Days on Identity Management and this article was published in SQL Update.  I have served on the RMOUG Board for the last two years and would like the opportunity to continue serving on that Board and to continue Stan’s work.  Being on the Board allows me to give back to the organization which has helped advance my career more than any other.

I believe RMOUG is the best way to sharpen one’s skills in Oracle.  Training Days gives learners new ideas on how to improve Oracle in their work place.  RMOUG allows participants to better their skills and learn about the latest upgrades and new applications that interact with Oracle. The best part of RMOUG is being able to interact with other Oracle professionals and hear their ideas on how to over-come the many Challenges Databases can present.

Qualifications and Biography

I have been an Oracle DBA with the Department of Defense for 10 years.  Our system includes 6 clustered databases.   Over the years some of my duties have been to:

  • Identify and isolate problems in design, implementation and maintenance for the Oracle 10g databases along with its associated middleware (Fusionware) OID, SOA, and JBOSS (Sun’s version of Web-Logic).

  • Resolve problems to the high priority Oracle infrastructure/systems. Expedite multiple clustered databases to maintain 99% or better customer satisfaction and database availability.

  • Maintenance duties include both routine tasks such as partitioning tables weekly for increased performance and urgent troubleshooting regarding development incompatibilities.

  • Advise management on enhancements to provide better availability and to improve performance that will support the infrastructure/system using Service Oriented Architecture.

  • Developing and maintaining processes such as streams for database administration

  • Perform administration and routine maintenance of the system by providing support: to all database administration related work requests; other system maintainers; systems engineering analysis; system installation; and integration facilitation using enterprise level Service Oriented Architecture such as RMAN over multiple locations.

  • Schedule and coordinate with customers in order to facilitate minimal system downtime during; upgrades, and/or patches and service packs needed for optimal database performance. Provide training, consultation, mentoring, and/or guidance to other team members

  • Create and run scripts against the database, to partition tables, upgrade indexes, and remove test data from table and recover a database using the control file.

Mark James

Campaign Statement

I was recently pleased and my interest peaked when I received an email from a good friend of mine, Brad Blake, whom I have both work with professionally as a DBA at a former company and taught Database Technologies Courses with him in the Master’s Program at Regis University.  The email was in regards to the “Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors” for the RMOUG Organization.  This presented an opportunity that I have been looking for in advancing my career and more importantly joining an organization where I could fill my need and desire to be more Socially Responsible.

I have been teaching at the Master’s Level in Database Technologies for a combined 12 years for both Regis University and the University of Denver (DU) and have always expressed the importance of organizations like RMOUG and the benefits of membership and the incredible value of the Annual Training Days Event to my students.  I myself have been a member of RMOUG on and off, mainly due to the good graces of the company I worked for at the time, since around January 2000.  I have always really enjoyed the Annual Training Days Event and this year was called out over my uncanny ability to win vendor prizes at virtually all of the Training Days Events that I have attended, a winning streak that has never followed me in my outside life!

I was an integral part of building out the Oracle Database Lab Environment at Regis University starting with my final year of obtaining my MSCIS Degree in Database Technologies.  After that I then provided a Mentoring / Management / Leadership Role for the DBA Practicum during the first three years of teaching for Regis, devoting my time to work with students and staff for the benefit of improving the lab environment, its refresh processes, performance, stability, accessibility and in recruitment endeavors for new students to join the Database Practicum.  This of course ultimately lead to a partnership between Regis University and RMOUG for providing QEW sessions and the ability to have some of those sessions be hands-on.  I also assisted Brad Blake with the development and quality control process for his delivery of a December 3, 2009 QEW session on OEM.

A lot of this leads to where I think I can be most beneficial as a Board Member of RMOUG, in that I think as an educator in Database Technologies I can help in the efforts of organizing and providing QEW sessions, as well as for the Annual Training Days Event.  In addition, I feel that I could help in the RMOUG Membership Recruitment Process, especially at colleges, universities, IT technical schools and even through high schools that have strong technology programs.

Qualifications and Biography

Mark James has over 14 years of IT Experience, mainly as an Oracle Database Administrator, while also being highly skilled on numerous other major database vendor platforms as well.  He has been an OCP since Oracle 8i through all versions up to 11g.  He holds a BS in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and Accounting and an MSCIS Degree in Database Technologies.  He taught Master’s Level Database Technologies Courses for almost 10 years at Regis University and has been teaching Master’s Level Database Technologies Courses for the University of Denver (DU) for over 7 years.  He has worked as a DBA for several major companies in diverse business lines such as Internet Services, Telecom, Finance, Healthcare, Defense, Energy, Oil and Gas.


Dan Hotka

Campaign Statement

I have been a regular contributor to RMOUG for well over a decade now.  I used to run a user group in Iowa where we too had a Training Day and I modeled the event after your Training Days event.  I am the current president of the Iowa Oracle Users Group (IAOUG.org), where I do most of the meeting arrangements.  I have a lot of trade show experience, having spent a considerable amount of time working with several software vendors.  I have been a regular contributor to your RMOUG SQL magazine.  I appreciate the Training Days and quarterly meeting speaking slots I have done for you in the past.  I have quite the following of RMOUG members at each of your events.  I receive a lot of positive feedback from both the RMOUG board and various attendees.

I am looking forward to serving on the RMOUG board in whatever capacity is asked of me.

Qualifications and Biography

Dan Hotka is a training specialist and an Oracle ACE Director who has over 32 years experience in the computer industry, over 27 years of experience with Oracle products.  His experience with the Oracle database dates back to the v4.0 days.


Art Marshall

Campaign Statement

Having been a volunteer at RMOUG Training Days and an RMOUG website volunteer technician, I am poised to take on additional responsibilities to assist with the planning and the direction of the group for the coming year.  Being involved with RMOUG during the past several years has been a great knowledge gaining, rewarding experience for me, and I wish to contribute my efforts to the good and growth of the organization in return.

Qualifications and Biography

I have worked in the IT industry since 1980, having used various database systems from then on, including my first exposure to Oracle in 1991. My Oracle responsibilities started with platform migration, then query and Forms development, and then those of a database administrator since 1997, in both production and development environments, including those of non-clustered, Data Guard, and RAC. Versions that I have been involved with include 6, through 11.  With this long-term involvement in IT, I have a strong commitment to continually expand my knowledge of important Oracle database technologies, and to facilitate the usage and sharing of that knowledge with others.


Dr. Robert Mason

Campaign Statement

I first became involved with RMOUG in 1999.  At one of the RMOUG meetings I was recruited by Regis University (Don Archer) as an affiliate faculty member in the SCIS Database Technologies program where I taught Oracle classes for 10 years on a part-time basis.  Later I joined Regis as a full-time faculty member in 2011 after completing my Ph.D.  Over the years I have presented many times at RMOUG Training Days. During the 2013 Days, I presented on the topic of Oracle XML DB, Oracle Text Indexes and XQUERY. I have always been impressed by the high quality of the presenters and participants at Training Days and other RMOUG events.  I always

tell my students that RMOUG Training Days is the best Oracle training opportunity in the Denver area.  I have recently worked with the RMOUG staff several times to offer weekend lab sessions that are held on the Regis Lowell Campus.   For example, I worked with the RMOUG team to coordinate the April 6th, 2013 lab session on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Using Oracle Essbase.  I am the program coordinator for SCIS Database Technologies program and I teach the Database Practicum courses that give the Master of Science Database students hands on experience as a junior Oracle DBA and software developer using Oracle APEX.  I’m currently researching Big Data and NoSQL and therefore I plan on making a presentation on these topics at RMOUG Training Days 2014.  I hope you will consider me for the RMOUG Board of Directors.

Biographical Information:

Bob Mason joined Regis University as a full-time assistant professor in January, 2011.  Prior to accepting this position with Regis, he was employed by various Fortune 500 companies for 25 years as a DBA, Data Architect and Software Engineer.  He was also an affiliate faculty member at Regis for 10 years. His Ph.D. dissertation research was focused on the resolution of the interoperability gap challenges that exist between Learning Object Repositories & Learning Management Systems using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

  • Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – August, 2011.

  • MBA with an emphasis in CIS from the University of North Texas, Denton, TX – 1992.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry Management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN – 1981.

Chris Ostrowski

Campaign Statement

Hello. My name is Chris Ostrowski and I humbly submit my name to serve on the RMOUG Board. I have been involved in the Oracle community for over 20 years and would love to participate with RMOUG. RMOUG has maintained a reputation for excellence throughout the Oracle community and the opportunity to serve with such an organization in any capability would be a great honor. I feel that I can bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to any responsibility assigned to me.

Biographical Information:

I am an Oracle Solution Architect Director for Avout in Colorado. I have worked with Oracle technologies for over 20 years as a Developer, DBA, Project Manager and Enterprise Architect. Recently, I have focused my efforts on Service Oriented Architecture technologies including Oracle JDeveloper, the Oracle SOA Suite and Enterprise Technologies including Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture. I am the author of three books from Oracle Press, “Oracle Application Server 10g Web Development”, “The Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook” and the upcoming “Migrating to Fusion Applications”, a certified Oracle SOA Implementation Champion and a proud member of the Oracle ACE Program.

John Peterson

Campaign Statement

I have been doing Oracle related work since 1991, as a Developer, DBA and DBA supervisor.  Other IT experience, as a Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Systems Administrator, Storage Administrator, Applications Database Administrator.  During my years on the board of directors with RMOUG, I have served as Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  I have presented at quarterly educational workshops and at the annual Training Days conference.

Biographical Information:

Responsible for support in the day to day operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of relational database Management Systems (RDBMS) (Oracle 10g and later) at the Denver Federal Center and across the BLM.  Assure proper management of RDBMS systems, including log management, backup and recovery verification, point in time recovery capabilities, performance tuning, monitoring, documentation and troubleshooting. Work with Application and System Developers in the development and implementation of new RDBMS based systems and applications.

Kellyn Pot’vin

Campaign Statement:

My name is Kellyn Pot’Vin and I’m thrilled to run for re-election as a board of director for RMOUG.  After serving two years on the board, I look forward to the opportunity to offer the RMOUG members another year of service supporting the database community.

As Membership and Vendors director my first year, I spent most time building RMOUG’s social media presence and helped as they moved forward with a new website that could support our ever growing efforts to offer education and training opportunities to members.  Throughout this first year and into my second, as Training Days Director, I worked hard to use my vast networking skills to spread the word about RMOUG to speakers at other conferences.  I noted what worked and what didn’t work at these conferences to enhance the already successful Training Days Conference for RMOUG.  For the 2013 season, I introduced the highly successful Guidebook Mobile Application, the Women in Technology, (WIT) program and closely controlled expenditures to ensure members received the best conference possible for an incredibly low price.

My position as a Sr. Technical Consultant with Enkitec, offers me incredible support from my company to be involved in my local user group and as an Oracle ACE Director, I’m able to spread the word of RMOUG as a valuable regional user group during presentations, webinars and Oracle meetings.   My work in the area of Microsoft SQL Server offers new opportunities for DBAs to learn about new database platforms that wouldn’t normally be offered from an Oracle User Group.  This was seen firsthand at Training Days 2013 when speakers, such as founder of SQL Server Central, Steve Jones, presented.

I hope to continue to provide whatever assistance I can to the other board members through collaboration and skills to continue to make RMOUG the successful Oracle User Group it is.

Please re-elect me for the 2013-2014 year.

Biographical Information:

Kellyn Pot’Vin has more than 16 years of experience in information technology and more than 13 years with Oracle, SQL Server and numerous years with MySQL database platforms.  She is an Oracle ACE Director.

She specializes in database performance tuning and the glories of simplifying database management. In recent years she’s been working with large SSD databases and Exadata, taking advantage of the newest technology and performance tuning features.  Kellyn is known for her technical blog, dbakevlar.com numerous technical sites, including a main contributor at OraDBPedia.com.  She is on the board of directors for RMOUG and the database track for ODTUG’s KSCOPE 2012 and 2013. She’s performed numerous presentations in the US and abroad on Oracle and SQL Server.  Kellyn lives with her partner, Tim and her three children in Broomfield, CO and currently is honing her technical skills at Enkitec, an Oracle-centric consulting partner, (www.Enkitec.com)

Pat Van Buskirk

Campaign Statement:

During the past four years, I have served as Newsletter Director. During that time, we have increased the number of technical articles in each issue and reduced the costs for producing the magazine. We have continued to feature RMOUG members and their work with Oracle. My plan for the coming year, if re-elected and chosen as Newsletter Director, would be to increase advertising revenues while continuing to improve the overall quality of the magazine.

This past year, I served as Treasurer where my goal was to assure that the Board had current and timely financial statements available for each meeting.

Qualifications and Biography:

Pat Van Buskirk was an Oracle DBA from 1991 to 2011. Prior to that, she was a mainframe programmer and Oracle Forms developer. She has acted as project manager for applications in manufacturing, insurance, education, research and banking. Her hobby is horses and she is currently the web committee chair for the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo and the Technical and Website Manager for the Western Dressage Association of Colorado. She works with Coldwell Banker in Parker as an Associate Broker where she continues to use her database skills in the real estate business.